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5 Necessities for Transitioning Your Wardrobe Into Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Smith chapter.

Dressing for early spring in New England can be a tricky business. Chilly mornings quickly turn into sunny afternoons, and you don’t want to be stuck lugging around your parka when the temperatures soar. In New England, we often say that if you don’t like the weather, “wait five minutes”; while this is an exaggeration, it’s often somewhat true, as anyone who goes to Smith can attest. The trick, especially if you plan to be out all day, is to dress for the temperamental weather while staying comfortable and stylish.

1. Wellies- In New England, spring is sometimes referred to as “mud season,” so these are a must. After ruining your new pair of ballet flats in puddles of melted snow, you will love your wellies once you realize that they provide you with a stylish and practical way of getting to class without ruining your shoes.

Although they’re a little on the expensive side, Hunter wellies are really worth the investment. They stand the test of time while being stylish, sturdy and easy to maintain.

Hunter Boots – $140

2. Light cotton jacket- While temperatures may rise to the 60s by the afternoon, mornings are still chilly, and you’ll be glad to have a light jacket on your way to class. Because this jacket is lighter than your heavy winter coat, you’ll be able to stick it in your bag or sling it over your shoulder in the afternoon when you no longer need it.

This Jack Wills jacket is cute and practical, with a hood for added warmth and protection from the rain.

Jack Wills cotton jacket – $129

3. Boat Shoes- Boat shoes are immensely practical in the early spring, as they are a great in-between shoe for your transition from boots to ballet flats and sandals. They handle all types of weather with relative ease and can be paired with anything from jeans to sundresses.

Sperry Top-Siders are the most popular and well-known brand of boat shoes. For those who think boat shoes are only for preps, never fear: Sperry has developed an extensive line, with a boat shoe for every style and taste.

Sperry Topsiders – $89.99 (on sale)

4. Cardigan- When the temperature is apt to change quickly, layering is key. A light cardigan can be worn under a jacket for added warmth, or it can be worn on its own. Cardigans pair nicely with just about every kind of outfit, so they are a great layering piece.

This Gap cardigan comes in a variety of spring colors, making it a perfect wardrobe staple for the coming months.

Gap Luxlight Cardigan – $26.99 (on sale)

5. Skirts- After months of wearing jeans, sweatpants and leggings, spring is a great time to start baring your skin again. Although wearing shorts may be a little premature, skirts can be a great way to begin showing some skin, and they can be paired with anything from boots and sweaters to sandals and T-shirts.

This J.Crew Factory skirt is a simple base around which to design your unique look. It is linen, which is a great fabric for the spring and summer.

J.Crew Factory Skirt – $45 (on sale)