Write Your Heart Out: Fun Ways to Express Your Love of Writing at SMCVT

As an English major, many of my passions include things that relate to the English subject, including writing and reading. However, these passions are not limited to those just pursuing a degree in the humanities: people with all different interests can delve into the pure joy that accompanies them. One may have a secret journal, stored with short stories they have composed over the years. Others may write poetry. Some may find it enjoyable to assist others with writing. Many may simply just love reading books for fun.


With all these interests, it is important to know the different ways in which someone at SMCVT can get pursue their interests. There are ample amounts of options available for anyone who seeks them out!


The Defender: Through joining The Defender, students can help cultivate a newspaper distributed on campus and available for anyone who wishes to take a copy. Students can utilize skills in journalism to help write different pieces. Their mission statement reads, “We, the voice of St. Michael’s College, strive to create high quality journalism collected on a foundation of integrity. We represent the pulse of our campus by facilitating a forum for informative, enlightening and thought-provoking conversation. Through in-depth reporting, accurate storytelling and exceptional visuals, The Defender aims to professionally and ethically deliver the truth to our diverse audience.” (The Defender website). In addition to news, members of The Defender can write pieces on sports, lifestyle, campus life, or other things that may spark their interests!


HerCampus: Do you find yourself reading these pieces written at SMCVT? Do you want to participate in a strong group of women who love to write? Join Saint Michael’s chapter of HerCampus. Students can write on anything they want and submit it bi-weekly for publication! From politics to your own thoughts, opinion pieces to book reviews, your writing would be welcomed!! Through joining HerCampus, students may also help run special events or social media for the chapter. I have written for HerCampus since my freshman year, and love it!


The Onion River Review: If you find yourself to be more of a creative writer, then consider submitting to The Onion! It is a literary journal that is published once a year, filled with the works of students, professors, or anyone from around the world who may submit to it! Individuals may submit pieces of poetry or prose for consideration by the staff of the Onion. Interested in being on staff? Students are able to become auxiliary editors! Through this task, they help read and select the pieces that will be published within the annual journal.


Poetry Readings: Held a few times a semester by the Onion River Review, students may attend poetry readings held on campus. Everyone is welcome to come listen or to read. If you are a writer, bring one of your own pieces to share. You could also read aloud your favorite Keats poem, or any other you may enjoy. Don’t feel like sharing? That’s fine too! Simply sitting and listening can be therapeutic and pleasurable!


Writing Center: Students who are strong writers may be nominated by professors to work at the writing center at the library. As a writing coach, students will work one-on-one with other students and their pieces of writing. However, a coach is not an editor: they instead offer suggestions and help the writer strength their own piece. Plus, you get paid! Unlike the other options listed here, students must be nominated, go through the application process, and take a course before officially becoming a writing coach. However, if you are fortunate enough to be nominated and accepted, the process is so worth it! I am a writing coach now and look forward to my shift every week. It has enabled me with the ability to strengthen my own writing skills, meet new people, and do work that I love.