For The Western MA Kids

When coming to Saint Mike’s, I was surprised by the plethora of students from Massachusetts. It seemed that every time I met someone new, they hailed from my home state. When asked upon their specific hometown, however, it was always located in eastern MA, either near Boston or Cape Cod. Even as we near the end of the school year, I have only met a small handful of peers from western MA, with one of them coming from my hometown.


When people ask what exactly is in Western MA, I am at a loss of what to say. There is so much in Western MA. Springfield and Holyoke were the birthplace to two major sports: basketball and volleyball. In Deerfield is the Yankee Candle Warehouse; nowhere else will you find such a large amount of candles and home goods in one place. Amherst is home to both UMASS, Amherst and Amherst College and filled with the most amazing restaurants (my favorite being Judie’s) and small-businesses. There is the Quabbin reservoir that encompasses many towns. With that comes the most beautiful scenery and places to explore. The Berkshires are home to great skiing, and quaint small towns.  Brimfield is home to a yearly flea market which attracts visitors from across the country.

There are so many things I miss about Western MA. Different aspects of Vermont remind me of home, from the beautiful fall foliage to the cute small towns. Traveling all the way to Colchester for college has given me a new appreciate of the place that I call home. So, eastern MA students, go visit Western MA this summer and you’ll see how special it is!


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