Watching Football at Home vs. at School


HOME: Mom’s are known to go overboard with food but game day is a whole different level. Snack stadiums, pigs in blankets, whoopie pie footballs, and all the food you can imagine for pre, during, and post game. Oh and did I mention you most likely don’t have to do any of the work in making it?

SCHOOL: Maybe you’ll have some chips and dip. More than likely you’ll eat at the dining hall pregame and have a cup of ramen at halftime. But don’t worry, I’m sure your mom will text you endless pictures of the amazing food at home.



HOME: Being surrounded by your family and neighbors isn’t exactly a great drinking scene. Depending on your family you might have a beer or two, but even those you’ll have to sip slow so they don’t catch onto the fact that you down 10+ beers on average weekend at school.

SCHOOL: If you’re a girl who loves football, you’re more than likely surrounded by bros who also love football. Know what else football bros love? Beer. Feel free to drink as much as you can, really, it’d be weird if you didn’t have a beer in your hand.



HOME: Game day means the neighbors will be over. They’ll want to know about your major, what you’ll do after college, if you’ve met anyone and everything else about your college experience. You might as well just stand up on the coffee table in the living room and shout the answers so you can get everyone out of the way at once and avoid the endless flow of the same questions from a different person. Also their cheering game is weak and limited to clapping when something good happens.

SCHOOL: Again, you’re surrounded by bros. This means screaming at the tv when the refs make a bad call, no talk about the amount of work you have, and cheering as loud as you can. College students are rowdy as it is, add beer and football and game day is on a whole different level.



HOME: Yay! Your team won! Everyone will cheer for probably two minutes, maybe talk about what a good game it was for another five minutes and then you’ll move on to cleaning up the food.

SCHOOL: HELL YEAH WE WON! Everybody grab another beer and prepare to talk about this game for the rest of the night. Drink up because it might just be possible that there’s more rowdy team spirit after a win than during the actual game.


No matter where you are, home or school, football is football. Team spirit and the love of the game is what matters most, so grab a beer, prepare yourself for whatever situation you’re in and turn on the game.



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