Types of Friends Everyone Has

The Mom

Everyone has that one friend who insists on getting your location on Find Friends before you go out so they can keep tabs on you at all times. She does everything in her power to make sure you don’t drink to the point of getting sick, but don’t worry, because if you do get sick, she’ll be there tying your hair back and getting you a glass of water. The mom is the most responsible friend in the friend group and she’s always the first one you go to when you need life advice, tough love, or a shoulder to lean on. She’s arguably the most important friend, because without her, you probably wouldn’t  have made it this far.

The Outgoing One

There’s always that one friend in the friend group who is louder than most and isn’t afraid to spark up a conversation with just about anyone. You can usually hear her from a mile away, and there’s been more than a few times where you’ve had to tell her to quiet down. Unfortunately, this friend probably has no concept on what a whisper is or how to execute one, so make sure not to bring up sensitive material in public. When you’re with this friend, you’re usually your more outgoing self, because they just naturally bring it out in you.

The One With Their Life Together

We all have a friend who somehow developed a 10 year plan and already makes strides to achieve their goals. They manage to keep their life twenty times more organized than you and make you feel guilty when you want to binge watch Netflix instead of write that three page paper a week early. Most of us aren’t sure how the hell this friend has their life figured out, but we decide to live vicariously through them as they achieve their dreams and we eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting.

The One Who’s Always Late

This friend lives five minutes away, said they were on their way twenty minutes ago, yet still wont show up for another hour. She’s constantly says things like “I’ll be there soon” or “Be out in a sec” but BEWARE: you will be spending a minimum of fifteen minutes waiting in the driveway whenever you go pick them up. The safest way to deal with this friend is to tell them that your plans are 30 minutes ahead of time, tell them that you’re waiting for them before you’ve left the house, and then maybe they’ll only be five minutes late when it’s actually go time.

The One With No Sense of Direction

We all have that beloved friend who absolutely no clue how to get anywhere without trust ol’ Google Maps. You’ll typically hear “oops, wrong turn” more than once, and you’ll see them turn the GPS on to get to the grocery store less than a mile away. But no need to fear, because this person always gets there, even if it takes a little longer than necessary.

The Funny One

Everyone has the friend who sends them memes, and this friend should never be taken for granted. They always know what to say to make you laugh, even if you’re pissed at everybody else in the friend group. It’s hard to stay mad at this friend because it’s virtually impossible to keep a straight face when you’re around them. Cherish the funny one, because they’re the ones who will send you endless memes, tell hilarious jokes, and keep you laughing until you feel like you’re going to pee yourself.

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