Ten Things To Do While in Quarantine

As quarantine continues, I feel the days slipping away into a social media time-suck and thought I would come up with ten fun things to try that are creative (and many are multi-task oriented if you are like me and cannot focus on just one thing at a time). 


  1. 1. Learn how to knit/sew/crochet/embroider

    Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore knitting. Recently, I have seen some people on social media learning how to embroider which looks like a lot of fun and is on my bucket list of things to try while I have the time. I have been able to begin some fun projects already while in quarantine all the while binge-watching all my favorite Netflix shows!

  2. 2. Journal or write

    computer hands writing in journal on table

    These two things were already a hobby of mine before quarantine, but I know plenty of people are using journaling as a way to channel the stress of this time into something concrete or as a way to focus their concerns. Journaling can also be used as a way to document the positives even in these somewhat monotonous days. I also have noticed a lot of people writing letters to their friends and families to keep in touch which I think is really positive and, as John Mulaney would say, “is fun ‘cause mail, you know?”

  3. 3. Practice your art skills

    watercolor painting

    I am not much of an artist at all, but it is fun to sit down and color in a few pages of a coloring book, trace things other people have done and make them my own, or look on Pinterest for fun painting ideas. It is a good way to calm your mind as well as create something fun if not beautiful.

  4. 4. Learn how to cook something

    a hand mixer in brownie batter

    Baking cookies and brownies, making dinner for family, or even just whipping up a one-serving sample of a new food is a fun (and yummy) way to pass the time! Recipes for your favorite meals or desserts can be found in your family cookbook or with one quick Google search, and it can be a multi-person job if you are looking for something to bond over with someone!


  5. 5. Practice an instrument

    Jonas Brothers

    Do you have a neglected piano, guitar, ukulele, trombone or other instrument collecting dust somewhere? Now would be a great time to see if you are (still) any good! Try to learn that one song that is always stuck in your head, or write your own songs and get creative with it!

  6. 6. Clean

    floating wooden shelves full of books, art prints and other knickknacks

    If you have not already deep-cleaned your entire house, have you even been in quarantine? Well, for all those who have not yet decluttered and cleaned their rooms/apartments/houses, it is quite the time vacuum and might be the perfect cure for your boredom! Turn on some tunes and get scrubbing!

  7. 7. Finish a book (or two or more)!

    a bunch of books

    A lot of people I know have read halfway through several books but are always forced to put it down. This is a time to finish off all those stories so you can stop saying, “Man, I really need to finish that book.”

  8. 8. Follow a workout video

    Tennis Shoes And Water Bottle

    There are so many great ways to get exercise, even at home, but some of the more interesting kinds might be found on YouTube. Whether you want to learn yoga, follow a fitness instructor, or be introduced to a new style of dance, YouTube has a great selection of instructional videos to choose from.

  9. 9. Drive around

    travel adventure sunset jeep road trip

    This one might seem strange, but I do this all the time. I have made a game out of driving around my hometown. I plan out a route in my head to take and see if I can get home without taking the same road twice. It may be harder than you think, especially when you are almost home and are not done listening to all the music you wanted to listen to while on the drive.

  10. 10. 10. Transform your quarantine look

    Tamara Bellis

    Quarantine is a great time to veg out and stay in your sweatpants (trust me, I know), but it might be fun once a week to change it up. Some ways to make yourself feel like you’re glowing: do a facemask and hair mask, shave, lotion, makeup, paint your nails, dress nice, etc. Every so often it is nice to remind myself that I am not always who I see looking back at me in my Zoom camera window. 

!! Make sure not to break quarantine if you need supplies for these projects. Much if not most of the supplies needed are available to order online at Amazon or store websites :) !! We are all in this together.