TED Talks For Every Occasion


1) Rupi Kaur- I’m Taking My Body Back


“I realized that the reason I wasn’t homesick was because for me home, was wherever I was.”


2) Ashley Graham- Plus-Size? More Like My Size


“Be your favorite kind of woman. Don’t let anyone else take that job. And remember, this is the generation of body diversity. The current is changing.”  

3) Kelli Jean Drinkwater- Fear of Fat: The Real Elephant in the Room


“A person that simply refuses to subscribe to the dominant narrative about how I should move through the world in this body of mine. And I’m not alone.”

4) Iskra Lawrence- Ending the Pursuit of Perfection


“We need to be taught how to look after ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.”


5) Amy Cuddy- Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are


“When you pretend to be powerful you are more likely to actually feel powerful.”



6) Sarah Knight- The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck


“I call it the not sorry method. It has two steps. Step one: decide what you don’t give a fuck about. Step two: don’t give a fuck about those things.”


7) Lori Harder- Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths


“What happened to that awesome kid? Where did they go? What events caused so much pain and resistance that you actually started to consciously abstain from being yourself?”


8) Kelly McGonigal- How to Make Stress Your Friend


“Over the 8 years they were tracking deaths, 182,000 Americans died prematurely not from stress but from the belief that stress is bad for you.”


9) Amy Morin- The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong


“Knowing it and doing it can be two very different things.”


10) Mel Robbins- How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over


“If you’re amazing, say you’re amazing. Tell the truth.”



11) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- We Should All Be Feminists


“We have evolved. But it seems to me our ideas of gender have not evolved.”

(You may recognize this from Beyonce’s Flawless video)


12) Leezia Dhalla- Hiding in Plain Sight: My Life as an Undocumented American


“It’s hard to keep your head down and your chin up at the same time.”


13) Theo E.J Wilson- A Black Man Goes Undercover in the Alt-Right


“As I drew my sword to engage in epic battles in the comments section I also began to notice that a few of my trolls actually had brains.”



14) Phil Hansen- Embrace the Shake


“Embracing a limitation could actually drive creativity.”


15) Suzi Vaughan- Fashion Your Future: Think More Like a Fashion Designer


“Whilst it’s never been easier to access information and connect to people, what we often do with that possibility is to access information that we know we’re already interested in and connect to people that share similar passions and likes.”


16) Vanessa King- Ten Keys to Happier Living


“How we think, our behavior, and our daily actions accounts for a significant proportion of how happy we feel.”


17) Fred Swaniker- The Ripple Effect of Training Young Leaders


“Do we just sit back and hope that one day we get good leaders?”  

18) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- The Danger of a Single Story


“So that is how to create a single story. Show a people as one thing, only one thing. Over and over again.”


19) Brad Jenkins- How Laughing At Yourself Can Change the World


“1. Don’t take yourself so seriously. 2. Be good at what you do. 3.Be good to people.”




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