The Stages Of Writing a Paper As Told By New Girl

Over time, I’ve come to realize that giving my complete and total attention to one thing at a time is a difficult feat for myself and many others. Whether it’s the multitasking or the constant urge to check my phone, the bottom line is that my attention span can be pretty short sometimes. In addition to this, as an English major, I also have to write a ton of papers (and most of them aren’t so short.) The combination of my brain constantly jumping around my to do list with the challenge of concentrating for an extended period of time can make the idea of writing a long paper seem a bit daunting. For anyone who can relate, here are the unavoidable stages of paper writing.


Stage 1: Avoidance.

Anything is better than admitting you actually have something important to be doing.

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Stage 2: Gradual and unwilling acceptance.

You can see the deadline approaching. How long can you possibly keep the charade up?

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Stage 3: Getting to work.

You sit down, hopefully turn off your phone, and prepare to take on the challenge.

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Stage 4: Despair.

You have about five pages left to write and about one sentence worth of things left to say. And let’s not even get started on the works cited page.

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Stage 5: Pushing through that last paragraph.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Stage 6: It’s done.

You’ve achieved the impossible. Look back at all those pages...yup, you wrote that. It’s time to celebrate your newfound freedom.

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