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St. Mike’s Sweetheart: Leah Hanzas

Meet Leah!



Hometown: Bradford, Vermont

YOG: 2018

Major/minor: Psychology Major, Political Science Minor

Fun fact: “Once upon a time my grandfather owned all the KFC's in Vermont”


As the oldest of three sisters, Leah Hanzas has embodied the “mom” role, the friend everyone goes to for advice and help. It takes a special kind of person to dedicate yourself to others, but Leah makes it look easy. She might get this from her parents, who also continuously work to help others and improve communities. Leah’s mom is the Vermont State Representative for Bradford, Fairlee, and West Fairlee, and her dad is the president of Stone Environmental. Now, it’s Leah’s turn to go out and show the world what she’s got!


At Saint Mike’s, Leah played on the softball team her freshman year, and managed the team her sophomore and junior years. Now, she’s member of the Support team on LEAP.


Why did you come to Saint Michael’s College?

“I came to SMC because I wanted to pursue my softball career and major in Physical Therapy, I didn't end up doing either of those (ha) but Saint Mikes ended up being a really good fit for me anyway. I got a great education in Psychology and Political Science and it turned out to be an amazing four years.”


What will be your favorite memories to look back on when you graduate?

“The beautiful weather in the early fall and late spring. Spending time on the green and on the 3s field with friends is always a great time.”



What’s one way your time at St. Mike’s has helped you grow?

“I learned so much about myself in the last four years, something that would not have happened if I wasn't in school or even if I was at another school. Saint Mike’s has a community of people that are welcoming and accepting. That piece of yarn from my freshman orientation is still attached to my keychain because I believe in our little community!”


What are your plans after college?

“I will be living in San Francisco, California focusing on a career in mental health and hopefully joining a democratic campaign for the next election.”


Do you have any advice for incoming seniors?

“Don't assume senior year will be easy, but this is your last chance to have a good time before all the crazy responsibility kicks in... so do it!”





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