The Sneaker Trend: What it is, Why We Love It, and How to Rock It

Gone are the days of blisters, sore feet, and trying to stay balanced. Throw your heels out the window because this year is all about the sneaker. Sneakers aren’t just for working out, they’ve evolved into something way more. Sneakers are becoming a comfortable, edgy way of changing up your usual look. From Adidas to Nike and all others in between, sneakers have worked their way into our wardrobe and we’re loving it.


Let’s face it, who wants to shove their feet into heels and spend the entire night wobbling around? And I know those booties are cute during the day but they slow you down and your feet hurt at the end of the day. Imagine this, cute shoes that don’t hurt your feet and are still cool. This is where the sneakers come in. This trend comes out of the simultaneous uprising of athleisure and street style. These two styled merged, bringing together people’s love of comfort and their desire to be edgy and cool, without trying too hard. That’s why the sneaker trend is such a huge hit, comfort and style. If you haven’t already, now is the time to hop on the train. You’ll be surprised how badass you feel when you look amazing and could also take off on a run at any moment.

Now that you’re ready to embrace this trend here are some ideas to get you started.


First, you have to pick a sneaker. The options are endless, imagine your perfect sneaker and I’m sure you can find it. Make sure you focus on comfort as your top priority and then the style. Also remember that more neutral tones will go better with a range of outfits (I know the pink ones are cute but pink doesn’t go with everything, trust me). Here are a couple brands and styles that have been at the forefront of this movement.





These classics are not only comfortable but can be customized to fit your exact taste. Metallics and bold colors can spice up a classic and make them unique to you.

Tubular Shadow- these push the boundaries of typical sneaker style. The heathered colors and atypical lace style brings a new look to the trend. Adidas is Queen of sneaker style and these do not disappoint.



Flashback- Absolute classics. These will go with everything and show that simplicity can sometimes be key.




Roshe One- if you’re looking for comfort I highly recommend the Roshe Ones. These are perfect for being on your feet for a long time but still look cute with basically every outfit. They come in about 6 standard colors but you can customize them through Nike if you don’t love the colors. The all white are perfect for summer and because they’re a neutral color they’ll go with everything.


Air Max Thea- AIR’S AREN’T JUST FOR GUYS. Classic style, perfect neutral colors. The Air Max speaks for itself.


Air Presto Ultra Breathe- these are a little bit chunkier than the other options but the colors keep them cool. Perfect for all day wear and to brighten up any outfit!



Canvas SK8-High- if you’re looking to add a skater edginess to your wardrobe go for the Vans. Vans fit the sneaker trend but take their own route, maintaining their classic skater style.

Canvas Old School- The Canvas Old School’s are a middle ground between the SK8-High’s and Authentic’s. Super easy to wear with any outfit, but keeping the edginess of the first pair.



Authentic- these are a perfect sneaker to slip on with a cute skirt or dress. The simple style will match any outfit and they are a good way to ease into the sneaker trend.


Now you’re ready to wear them out, but with what?


Comfy/casual everyday looks:

A sweater and leggings is pretty much the comfiest outfit there is. Sneakers go perfectly and can even spice up the outfit a little.


Some jeans and a cute summer-y top mesh perfectly with the laid back vibe of sneakers. Not only are sneakers cute but they’re the perfect choice for your summer adventures.


Sneakers can give dresses and skirts a cute, casual look. All white sneakers go perfectly with summer colors and give your look a little something extra.




Joggers and sneakers are a match made in heaven. Joggers also combine street style and athleisure so why not bring the two together?



Ripped jeans, a cute crop, and a flannel are a perfect day to day look that combine a lot of this years trends. It’s also a super easy way to get an edgy look, who doesn’t love a flannel?


Yay Mom jeans! Channel a little of the 90’s with a crop and mom jeans. Cuff them to really show off those sneakers. *Bonus points if your hair is in a scrunchie*


Dressed up:


Pair your favorite bodycon dress with sneakers and you have a stylish and comfy look. Being dressed up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. You look way better when your feet aren’t in pain.

Jackets, jackets, jackets. Blazers and jackets can instantly dress up an outfit. Keeping everything neutral and adding a cute bag will have you looking ready for NYC fashion week (or, you know, your walk to class).


Dress and jacket combo.



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