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Peter Mckenna ’15

Meet this week’s campus cutie, Peter McKenna! Peter is known to be one of the most genuine guys on campus (according to a recent anonymous Saint Mike’s Confessions post), so perhaps you can get to know this Campus Cutie over dinner and a movie! He’s also up for adventure, so don’t be afraid to suggest sky-diving!

Name: Peter McKenna

Birthday: 3/24/93

Year: 2015

Hometown: Cohasset, MA

Major: Economics/Geography minor

Relationship Status: Single


Favorite Winter Activity: Snow football.

Guilty pleasure: I watch the show House Hunters all the time.

Favorite spot on campus: It’s a tie between the second floor of the library and the view across from Founders.

What is your biggest fear? I have a huge fear of crabs.

Describe your dream girl: Adventurous, day person, up by 9 am and ready to take on the day. Laid back. Good sense of humor. Always eager to do something.

Read any good books lately? Over the summer I read a few John Grischam books that were pretty good. I also read a book called The Warmth of Other Suns. I’m reading a book now called The World of Mexican Migrants: The Rock and the Hard Place. I’m really interested in immigration stories.

Biggest Turn-Ons? White pants.

Biggest Turn-Offs? Chewing gum. Too much make-up.

Great First Date Ideas: Keep it simple. Dinner and a movie.

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston. 

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