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As week four back at SMC slowly creeps by, I can’t help but reflect on some of the things running through my mind as people start to get back into the swing of things! Whether you’re a first-year still learning the ins and outs of your new home, or a senior considering your next chapter, new beginnings can be overwhelming…but they don’t have to be!


In many ways, I think new beginnings allow you to take risks and push your comfort zone. This is something that took me a long time to conquer. Taking risks just isn’t something that comes natural to many people, but college is the perfect place to experiment with new interests and hobbies! Another thing that took me a while to realize was that the risks you take don’t have to be monumental. In fact, they rarely are. Show up to a club meeting that you wouldn’t normally be involved in. Smile at a stranger on the way to class. Tell someone how you really feel about them. Risk taking doesn’t have to be life-altering, but it could make the transition back to campus so much easier!


The beauty of new beginnings is that it almost forces you to branch out and meet new people. I’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with positive people. This year, I’m lucky enough to be living with my 7 amazingly beautiful roommates! I’m beyond grateful that these incredible gals came into my life last year at Saint Mike’s, and they have helped me in more ways than they could ever know. Surrounding yourself with great people, however, takes courage and risk. Putting yourself out there may seem overwhelming and maybe even a little scary, but you’ll likely meet some pretty amazing people. 


Any transition is bound to bring uncertainty and stress. But after all, these are some of the most transformative years of our lifetime. We’re so lucky to be able to try new hobbies, meet new people, and push ourselves in ways we never even knew we could. Starting a new chapter in your life (whatever it may be) is all about taking things in stride. Soon enough, you’ll end up right where you need to be. 




Senior at Saint Michael's College majoring in Public Health with a Chemistry minor. Lover of good people and the great outdoors.
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