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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMCVT chapter.

“More Self-Love”


Self-love seems like such an effortless and straightforward task. To care for one’s mind and body almost seems like it should come as second-nature. So why doesn’t it? Why do so many people struggle to practice this small yet incredibly essential concept? 



In truth, self-love is perhaps one of the most challenging practices that we can accomplish. For one, we often get so caught up in our daily tasks and assignments that we simply don’t find the time to focus on our physical and emotional well-being. We may also struggle to shift our attention off of the people around us, and rather focus our effort on ourselves for a change. In reality, loving one’s own mind and body is not an egoistic, selfish task in any way. This is something which I continue to struggle to comprehend. What I have come to realize is that self-love does not necessarily equate to self-absorption. Rather, it’s about allowing love and acceptance to foster within ourselves first, before we are able to spread it to the people around us who might need it just as much.

In this fast and scary world we find ourselves facing every day, it’s so important to recognize everything that our mind and body have been through over the years. Our bodies have carried us from our highest highs to our lowest lows. It’ll continue to take us on new adventures and move us toward new people, perhaps with a couple bumps along the way. Our body does so much for us – so it’s only fitting that we pamper her every once in a while! Fill yourself with warm food, get outside more, go to a fitness class, learn to cook, and smile more! In essence, give yourself the time to enjoy the little things that make your day just a little brighter. 

With this being said, self-love is way more than just a physical concept. Sure, it’s incredibly important to be kind to our bodies. It’s all the more important, though, to focus on creating a loving environment inside our minds as well. Too often, people get caught up in the more tangible ways of practicing self-care, making the assumption that putting on a face mask solves all of the world’s problems. As much as I wish this were the case (believe me, I do!), a healthy and loving relationship between body and mind takes lots of practice. Luckily, there are so many ways to achieve this, and to give our mind the love it deserves. For one, practice gratitude. Reflect on your current situation, and think about all the wonderful things going on in your life…maybe even keep them in a journal. Be mindful and present – think about how far you’ve come, and all that is still in store ahead of you! Forgive yourself – there’s no use in dwelling on past occurrences, but we can use them to learn and grow. Lastly, take the time to recognize all the love that you spread to the people around you – know that you are just as deserving of all this love too! 

Practicing self-love may be more challenging than it seems. It may take time to fully grasp an understanding of what it truly means to love your own body and mind. Perhaps the first step in achieving this self-love is surrounding yourself with people who will support everything about the person you choose to be. Gravitating toward an environment of love will make it that much easier to practice it in your own life. So surround yourself with loving and supportive people, and be kind to yourself! 


Senior at Saint Michael's College majoring in Public Health with a Chemistry minor. Lover of good people and the great outdoors.
Jewelry maker and business owner at Homegrown Jewelry VT. Business Administration Major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and an Economics Minor.