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Lauren Murphy ’15

This week’s celeb is none other than the hilarious Lauren Murphy! Lauren wins her way into the hearts of SMCVT through her involvement in VITA, MOVE, and Founders Society, but is always up to pound it on the way to class or tell you all about how much she loves ducks!

  1. What is your major/ minor?

Double major Religious Studies/Psychology


  1. What activities have you participated in on campus?

I’ve been involved in the DREAM mentoring program, VITA, Her Campus (of course!), student blogging, LEAP Team and other stuff with MOVE and Founders Society.


  1. What helped you to choose SMC?

I came to see St. Mike’s a couple of times, and everything just seemed to click. I loved the campus community, I loved meeting the amazing professors, and I really got the feeling that St. Mike’s could be my home. I was right! I just met with one of my advisors the other day, and he is really just willing to talk and lend a helping hand with anything. A lot of professors are like that at St. Mike’s, as are the students! This place is amazing!


  1. Talk about one of your best experiences as a leader on campus?

It’s hard to choose. I love being a leader in LINK. I love being able to help people share the best of their selves through faith sharing. I also love being a DREAM mentor, I love being a role model for my mentee and being able to show her the possibilities she has for her future.


  1. What are your favorite qualities about yourself?

Embarrassing question! Bahaha! Well, I love my sense of humor. I pretty much got that from my dad, and I got my quick wit from my mom. I like how honest I am. I always try to be honest with myself and others because that is what I value in return.


  1. Fun Fact?

I love ducks! They’re just so yellow and so majestic! I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, though… and I probably never will…

Vice President of Editorial Staff SMCVT who loves to make people's day with a smile :)
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