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Kit Rivers ’14

Meet this week’s celebrity, Kit Rivers! Kit is a junior Theatre major with a passion for standup comedy.


How did you choose St. Michael’s College?

“My father grew up in Burlington, so we spent pretty much every summer here. Additionally he went to St. Mike’s as well as my grandfather and great grandfather.  Basically I love Vermont, and St. Mike’s is an amazing school.”

What clubs and activities are you involved in?

“I am a theatre major so I participate in the shows, but most of my time is spent doing stand-up comedy, about 6 nights a week throughout town, the state, and New England.”

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

“First: Big donation (sounds lame but true). But after that, nothing. That’s where people go wrong. I would just keep all the money and know that I have it.  But being the impulse person I am, most of the money would go to fast food and Wal-mart.”

What’s your favorite part about SMC?

“The residential part. So many people take for granted how awesome it is we have guaranteed housing for four years and that we all get to live with each other.  We meet friends and have relationships with professors we wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

“DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!  The school and students offer so much activities and stuff to do.  Before you know it you will be old and dried up like me and you will be begging for four more years.  Make friends, meet someone new every day, do stuff. Period.”

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