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How Fantasy Football Tore Apart My Friend Group

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMCVT chapter.

Last year my friends thought it would be funny if we made a Fantasy football league.  While we might all be athletes, football is not our forte.


1. Draft time

Imagine making plans with your friends, I know it’s difficult, right? Now imagine 5 girls, 4 different colleges and 2 different countries and try to set a time when they are all out of class and free to pick teams. Nearly impossible. Not everyone made it, survival of the fittest as we started with 6 and ended with 5. Finally we set a time and we battled out for the few players we know.

2. Tom Brady.

Being Boston natives of course we talked for hours about who would be the lucky gal to be blessed with the greatest quarterback of all time.   

3. Dibs

Talking about Tom Brady brings me to calling Dibs. While we were drafting the tension started to rise as people started to call “dibs” on certain players like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Julien Edelman, and Danny Amendola. Now I know you all know what dibs means, but this calling players did not hold any value when we were drafting, leaving trust broken and friendships in even worse shape.


4. Rando team

Because not all of us survived the draft we were forced to make a “Random” team. But because of our lack of knowledge of Fantasy football, we set the team to be automatic pick, which we didn’t know meant that it would pick the best players in the league. So now as we battle each week for a win, we forced to beat a power house that is not even a real person.


As the football season is underway you can find my friends and I begging for help and doing with ever it takes to win this year’s fantasy football league because as great as the bragging rights are, the grand prize is even better. So as we battle it out for the next couple weeks, I hope we can maintain our lifetime friendships.

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