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Fun, Funky, Fresh: Everything you need to know about Funkalicious

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMCVT chapter.

I’ve recently talked to Dee Sonthikoummane, a first time small business owner and one of the owners of the up and coming Funkalicious Market and Deli in White River Junction, Vermont. Funkalicious is a full service meat and seafood butcher and Deli. Dee, is opening the restaurant with Kevin Halligan. Kevin has studied at New England Culinary Institute and has over 32 years of experience in owning small businesses. Dee and Kevin grew up together in Laconia, New Hampshire, and have a friendship like no other. From Laconia to White River Junction, their friendship brings all new adventures to Vermont. According to the website, “Funkalicious Market and Deli is the newest addition to the growing White River Junction community. With over 35 years of restaurant experience, we will bring you the freshest local products and combine them with diverse and skillful cooking techniques. From freshly house cooked and cured meats, fresh seafood, house-made bread, and new and funky specialty sandwiches, Fuckalicious is an experience you will never forget.”  From advice to wishful business owners to friendship and change – here is everything you need to know about Funkalicious. 


A: Alexyah [ Interviewer]

D: Dee [ Restaurant Owner] 


A: Why do you think your restaurant is special? 

D: Definitely the flavors. We worked really hard to mix different flavors together to create something new. We’ve known each other almost all of our lives, so we have a really good and real dynamic. We both bring different flavors and experiences to the table. 


A:What’s your favorite dish so far? 

D: It’s a really hard choice because of the variety of food we have, we have foods with an Asian influence but also traditional American meals that everyone loves. Kevin is always bringing in new ideas so there’s a lot of new dishes to choose from but my favorite dish is the Chicken Larb Dumplings. It’s a food  I grew up eating all the time, but Kevin put a really good twist on the dumpling. It really combines the traditional dish but adds a new twist without compromising the original flavor.  


A: What’s your favorite part about working with Kevin? 

D: The love and honesty for our friendship. We have known eachother since 6th grade and he’s always had a love for food. He was at my house all the time and he ate a lot of my Ma’s [Mom’s] traditional food. He has a playful palette and it’s really fun to get creative and experience all these new foods with him. 


A: What’s been your biggest struggle with opening the restaurant? 

D: The experience. I don’t personally have a lot of experience with owning a small restaurant business but Kevin has been teaching me a lot and has been a mentor for me throughout the whole process.  


A: What tips do you have for people thinking about opening a small business? 

D: Capital. Have extra money when you start. Get ready for an experience, it’s tough but it’s a great learning experience. It’s important to remember to be open minded, things change but it isn’t always a bad thing so get to know other people’s perspectives. 


A: Why do you think it’s important for people to support small businesses? 

D: Community. Food brings everybody together. I grew up where food was always important and a big part of our family. So going to small restaurants and business really remind me of feeling like everyone is there for each other and supporting one another. 


A: What is the one thing you want people to know about Funkalicious?

D: It’s different. We use really fresh and quality ingredients that take traditional recipes to a whole new level. We fuse recipes that everyone knows without compromising what people love about those dishes. 


If you want to learn more about the Fun, Fresh and Funky new restaurant  opening soon in White River Junction – visit their website getfunkedvt.com. 


Funkalicious Website: www.getfunkedvt.com 

Funkalicious Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/getfunkedvt


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