The First Week Back to School: As Told by The Office

Across the country students are heading to back to school this week! That means back to campus life, classes, and friends! Here's a look at the first week as told by your friends at The Office!

  1. Pure excitement to be seeing your friends and living that independent lifestyle again!

  1. Realizing you brought WAY too much stuff and now have to unpack everything

  1. Attempting to do all the fun activities all at once because you’re just SO. EXCITED.

  1. Realizing being back at school also means being back to classes?? But your brain has been off all summer and what even is a pencil and how does one write?


  1. Then remembering that you’ve GOT THIS!

  1. Surviving the first week of classes and preparing for the first weekend

  1. Rejoicing in being 21 and able to buy alcohol!!

  1. The inevitable heart to heart with your ladies after a glass (or two) of wine

  1. Dressing in your best outfit to make sure your bad bitch energy is ~known~

  1. Waking up on the first Sunday dying of thirst, in need of a face mask, and hating the sun

  1. And finally, embracing it all because college and everything that goes along with it is filling your heart up with so much love and happiness.


Welcome back!