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End of the Year Remarks

As co-founders of Her Campus SMCVT, we wanted to say our individual remarks about how amazing this year has been.

Lauren Mazzoleni:

It’s been a year filled with both hard work and great times. It was a process to start up a Her Campus chapter from scratch since we had to recruit our staff and start brainstorming story ideas as soon as we were informed about being a new chapter. It was great to see how quickly it all soon came together and how people started to read our content more and more each week.

I’m so happy that Alex and I decided to go through the application process and start a Her Campus chapter for SMCVT. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and the rest of our staff. I’m excited for another great year of Her Campus next Fall! Thank you all for reading and staying up to date with our content!

Hope everyone has a great summer :)


Alex Brenock:

I have had an amazing time starting the Saint Michael’s College branch of Her Campus!

From working on the application with Lauren during Spring semester, to learning that we got the branch during the summer, to launching in September, and to earning the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award  this Spring – every bit of it has been a blast!

It was difficult to start our HC SMCVT branch and to grow our staff from scratch. Plus, producing such great articles took a lot time, planning, and editing by both us and our staff. However, it was so fun to chat and work together during meetings! It was rewarding to see our staff get excited about new articles, to see our viewers increase throughout the year, and to hear compliments from students around campus!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier to have started HC SMCVT! I wish everyone an awesome summer – we’ll see you in the Fall!

HC Love!

Alex is a junior at Saint Michel's College and is pursuing a degree in business administration. Alex is from Massachusetts but loves beautiful Vermont (minus the freezing cold, snowy winters)! She loves being involved on campus - besides running the Saint Mike's Branch of Her Campus, she is a tour guide and blogger for her college and a mentor to a second-grader. Alex plans on studying-abroad in Ireland and would love to move to Boston or New York City after graduation. She is uber passionate about social media and marketing and hopes to attend business school in the future. In her free time, Alex enjoys baking, taking naps, going to the movies with friends, and telling jokes about pirates.
Lauren Mazzoleni is a junior at Saint Michael's College where she majors in Digital Arts, Media Studies, and Journalism and minors in Psychology. Lauren and Alexandra Brenock are the two campus correspondents for Saint Michael's HC Branch. At Saint Michael's, she is a student blogger, a tour guide, and a disc jockey at WWPV 88.7 FM. Many of her friends would say that when she is not busy attending her classes or working on HC articles, you could find her watching many of the shows she always DVRs (Glee, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, etc), shopping on Church Street in downtown Burlington, and hanging out with her friends from Saint Michael's and from her hometown in NH.
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