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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMCVT chapter.

Halloween is right around the corner, are you ready?

    No matter when you’re celebrating Halloween, you need a costume! Do you have one (or more) ready to go? Have no fear (except when you’re at a haunted house), here are some cheap and easy Halloween costumes for you to add to your collection. 

    PLUS! Almost all of these ideas can be adjusted to suit colder climates (like VT) while still being adorable!


Make a pop as Soda Bottles

Get your squad together and become your favorite soda flavors! The options are practically endless! All you need is a dress (or a shirt/sweater), felt, and a pie tin!


Don’t fall down over this Jack and Jill Couple’s Costume

A cute but not overdone couple’s costume (or friends, it doesn’t matter)! Get some old clothes from a thrift store and dirty them up and maybe add some fake blood to add to the effect! 


Get spooky with a cute Bat Costume

All you need for this costume is some black fabric cut in the shape of wings to go with your all-black outfit. It’s easy to get plain black fabric, either from a craft store or repurposing something from the thrift shop (like curtains or blankets) and the headband would be easy to make too! Add some fangs and fake blood for a more vampiric vibe.


You’re the Sun to My Moon

Grab your bestie and become celestial for Halloween. All you have to make is the headbands, which are made with sparkly paper/foam. Add that to an all gold or silver look, add some body glitter and sparkly makeup and you’re golden (or silver)!


The real heroes, Janis and Damien

Everyone knows the easy Damien costume, but add Janis to it? A whole other level. Janis’s outfit isn’t the easiest, but you can definitely find stuff thrifting to make it work. Honestly? Iconic.


Seeing stripes? You should be, with this Where’s Waldo? costume

Not only can it be made cute, but it can also be made sexy if that’s the look you’re going for. I think the hat is optional, as I have a red and white striped shirt and got called Waldo while wearing it. Plus, this is a super comfortable option! 


Sksksksk and I oop! And I oop! Become one with your Hydroflasks VSCO girls!

This is super easy and super cheap! Plain colored shirts like this are available at craft stores at three for $10. Then all you need is a fabric marker (sharpies work fine too, but just remember to put cardboard in the middle of the shirt). Get your girl gang together and channel your inner VSCO girl. Imagine how cute this would be with the A1 filter!


For the rum loving girl, there’s the simple Pirate Costume

I love the simple pirate look, throw on some boots, jeans, a flowy white shirt and then accessorize! Do not be afraid to go all out with the details. Scarves, bandanas, necklaces, bracelets, earrings… the more the merrier! Don’t forget the eyeliner!




Nostalgic AND cute, this hits the jackpot. All you need are those colored shirts from the craft store and felt! Choose your favorite bear and just be cute all night. This would also work for My Little Pony if you prefer.


The Un-Scary Scarecrow

A simple fall look taken further with makeup is all this costume is! The makeup for this is pretty simple too, lots of blush, a red lippy, and liquid liner stitches completes this look. Some straw peeking out of your boots and a floppy or straw hat adds additional rustic vibes to this look.


You Can’t Sit with Us

Halloween may not be on a Wednesday this year, but you’re guaranteed to be recognized. Throw on anything, literally anything pink, and your squad can instantly become the Plastics. Bonus points if you go with Janis and Damien.


Become the bad-ass you’ve always wanted to be as Kim Possible

Who didn’t want to be her growing up? This look can be taken so many directions and it’s all cute af. If you don’t have clothes that fit this, you can get some thrifting or even full price, because why wouldn’t you wear these separately on a regular day!


What’s up, bro? Ready for the game later? The afterparty is gonna be lit.

Do it to ‘em with this look. Raid someone’s closet (boyfriend, best friend, whoever) if you need to make this work! Bonus points if you can play beer pong like a pro!


Look out of this world as Miss Universe

A black/blue/purple dress and a tiara are all you need to pull this off. The planets and sash can be made with paper (ssshhhh don’t tell). Do your most glam make-up look and forget about looking like a snack, you’ll look like a full moon ;)


This Mary Poppins look is simply a-spoon-full-of-sugar

Show your witchy side in an unusual and creative way! While you might have to purchase/borrow a lot of this costume, it’s not obscure and it can be super cute! Extra points if you can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Represent the Girl Gang with Rosie the Riveter

I know it’s denim on denim, but it’s also Halloween, go ahead and rock it! You most likely have everything you need in your closet already, and yes it’s always recommended but for good reasons. Rosie is never going out of style!


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