Chilly Day Activities Beside Netflix

It’s that time of year again - it’s not cold enough to have snow or to go skiing, and it’s not warm enough to spend all your time outside, it’s Fall in Vermont.


1. Listen to a podcast

My personal favorites are This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour which are pretty general, but there are podcasts for just about anything you might be into, like yoga, or even science! If you’re looking for a series, definitely check out Serial - it follows an investigative journalist as she unravels a murder case, and is just as addictive as your favorite show.


2. Go on a drive

The leaf peepers don’t have such a bad idea - check out the countryside and look at leaves on a nice long drive around the Colchester, Burlington, Essex, or Montpelier areas. Turn on your favorite songs and bring some friends, you can make it like a mini road trip.


3. Have a toasty beach picnic

Bring lots of blankets and make a nest, even a bonfire if it’s allowed on the beach. Opt for hot foods like thermoses of hot soup or hot chocolate, and watch the sunset there!


4. Go on a hike

Layer up and do head outside, the activity will make you warm and now is a great time to spend in the mountains and trees, the trek up Camel’s hump is worth the wonderful view. Even try Sterling Pond if you’re not up for as large a hike.


5. Take a walk on Church Street

Whether you’re actually shopping, just window shopping, or even people watching, there’s always quite the scene on Church Street. Rebel against the cold and grab some Ben and Jerry’s, or embrace it and get a hot cider from one of the many cafes, stop into a record shop and spend some time in the warm, the options are endless.