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Caiti Zeytoonian ’14

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Caiti Zeytoonian! Not only is she our new dedicated Vice-President, but she is also a dedicated tour guide! Right before I met with Caiti, she gave a spur-of-the-moment tour to a prospective St. Mike’s student even though it wasn’t her day to give a tour! What a great representative of the SMCVT community!


1. How did you first become involved in the SA?

As a first year, I ran to be the Vice-President of my building. From there, I just kept involvement and ran for something every year. I was Vice-President of Ryan Hall, Vice-President of the Quad, and my Junior Year I was the Vice-President of Canterbury. I’ve always been Vice-President, now that I think of it!

2. How has your involvement in the SA impacted your time at St. Michael’s?

It’s been a really big part of my time at St. Michael’s because it has helped me to be involved in all aspects of campus life and to be a voice for my fellow students.

3. How do you think your position as vice-president is going to impact your senior year?

It’s going to be a really big time commitment. It’s going to be a lot of work and we’re going to be working very closely with our E-Board but it’s also going to be really rewarding.

4. What is your most important goal as vice-president?

My most important goal is to strengthen the communication between the SA and the rest of the college and to improve that relationship. We want to change the image of the SA and become more approachable for students. We also want to reach out to students through social media, maybe start a blog in the Defender about what we’ve been doing, and we’ve definitely picked an E-Board with students who are involved in a lot so that we can cover a lot of ground.

5. How do you think your role as vice-president will influence you after you have left St. Mike’s?

I am a Political Science major so I really want to work in leadership roles and advocacy in government so I think this role will strengthen my abilities with this kind of position.

6. Anything you want to add?

I’m really excited to be on Her Campus SMCVT! I like what it’s about and I hope to hear more from you guys this year!


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