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Brianna Saunders ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMCVT chapter.

Meet Brianna Saunders! Bri is a one of kind girl, always amazing people with her many talents and social skill! Being a leader of so many things on campus and always having open arms for everyone, Bri is someone you can’t miss at SMCVT!


1) What are you involved in on campus?

I’m on the varsity volleyball team, I am a tour guide, I’m the Academic Day Coordinator for the Founders Society, I’ve been involved various MOVE program, and I’ve gone on 3 service trips through MOVE including the trip to Kolkata, India this past summer!


2) Being involved in so much, how do you manage time for other things?

I prioritize what’s most important and I make sure that I make time for those activities. I always prioritize my family and friends because they are so important to me. After 4 years of a crazy busy schedule, I’ve learned to budget my time wisely and to make sure that I make time for myself too!


3) What has been your best experience as a leader?

My best experience being a leader would be successfully organizing volunteers for the academic open house days. It was so gratifying to have those who work in admissions, including Sarah Kelly, the Vice President in Enrollment, approach me and commend me on a job well done. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that I made an impact on the experience that all of the families and students had on that day.


4) Any tips for people looking to get involved on campus?

Founders Society is a great way to get involved on campus! Obviously I’m also partial, but it’s a lot of fun and there’s always some sort of snack and fun activity at every meeting! MOVE also has the bulletin board in Alliot and you can sign up for various volunteer opportunities. Every program is wonderful and it’s a great way to do good in the community and meet other AWESOME SMCVT students. Other than that, ask around, read the Student Association emails, and keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities!




Vice President of Editorial Staff SMCVT who loves to make people's day with a smile :)