The Boys of 1biteofalliot

Instagram’s @1biteofalliot has taken the campus by storm. But who is 1biteofalliot and where did they come from? Luckily for me I knew these boys before Insta fame got to them and was able to get an inside look at their food review page and their lives. We’re going in.

John Sweeney, goes by Sweeney

Co-creater, co-producer, and co-star of 1biteofalliot

IG: @sween.knee

Major: Music

Class of: 2020

Hugh Grey, goes by Hugh but is often referred to as John

Co-creater, co-producer, and co-star of 1biteofalliot

IG: @hughgrey2

Major: Music and Environmental Studies

Class of: 2020


What are you involved in on campus?

S: I am a part of Turtle Underground and the drummer in the campus band No Dolphins. You should definitely check the band out. I am also a part of the African drumming Ensemble, Akoma.

H: I play the Tuba in Concert and Jazz band on campus. I also drum and dance with Akoma.


What lead to the making of 1biteofalliot?

S: Originally it was just a snapchat video that I sent to my friend, Anna Schneider, who wanted to  know how the Oreo pudding was that day. The video got a little out of control and way to in depth and it just grew from there.

H: We started saving the videos but they needed a place to go where they could be seen. So we created the Instagram page.

S: We needed our voices to be heard

H: We are avid fans of Barstools 1 bite pizza review so that is where we got the idea for our name


What is the Alliot Scale?

S: The Alliot Scale is something we created as we all know the horrors of cafeteria food and if we rated our food on a regular scale the ratings would just be too low

H. It’s basically an organized scaling system that raises the regular 1-10 scale by 2.1. So a regular 5 is a 7.1 on the Alliot Scale.

S: Patent pending


What is your favorite Alliot meal?

S: My favorite meal is the clam chowder, it’s highly underrated.

H: I second the clam chowder but am also a fan of the Shepard's Pie


If you could cook for Sodexo for one day, what would you make?

S: I would make my famous baked ziti. It would definitely be a 9.6 on the Alliot Scale.

H: I would bring a car coal grill in and cook up rosemary garlic steaks with fingerling potatoes. My mouth is watering as we speak. It would probably be a 9.2 on the Alliot Scale.


What should we expect in the future?

H: We are in communication with the Food Network and some contracts are in the works

S: Our moms are talking to their moms, some possibilities of working with Gordon Ramsey

H: but for now we’re just sticking to Instagram


Anything you'd like to tell your fans?

S: Thank you so much for all the support. We’re doing it for you guys.

H: We’re keeping Alliot honest as sometimes the comments cards are just not enough.

S: While this is really just for jokes maybe one day we will make a difference in our meal plans here at St. Mikes

H: The sky’s the limit


If you’re not following these two food goons head on over and follow 1biteofalliot. In the books.