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It’s no lie that being back on campus during a global pandemic comes with its changes. From wearing masks and having no parties, to classes being online, the new normal is tough on everyone. Quarantine was arguably very difficult – and it’s possible to feel like a completely different person after the past 6 months. The rollercoaster that is 2020 brought light on who everyone was – from racial justice issues, elections, to being back in your hometown for 6 months – everybody went through changes this year. This can mean outgrowing friendships, discovering new identities, or simply feeling differently about yourself; change is here.  


There are many things I wish we could do this year, so many traditions and friends and memories we all could meet. But [hopefully] everyone here knows that the right thing to do for everyone would be to stay safe and do the right thing. We have all decided to sacrifice to be here and to keep people safe – because for whatever reason, whether it be due to the pandemic or due to a bad living situation, we all want to be here.


For now, we can remember the year that 2019 brought us, and live in this new normal. We can remember the parties without throwing them, remember the celebrations and traditions without participating in them  or even find new ways to celebrate them. But having crowds in the 3s and ragers in townhouses just isn’t what is right this year. Instead, find new ways to celebrate and be happy with friends and loved ones more intimately this year. 


Instead of throwing parties, here are some fun games [sober and not] to play and still have fun while staying safe:



True American from New Girl

Shot Roulette 

Musical Chairs Flip Cup


Dizzy Bat 

6 Second Chug!



Cards against Humanity 


Scrabble Nights 

Paint Night 


Themed Family Dinners

Game Shows

Board Games 


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