BeautiFALL: A Guide To Campus

BeautiFALL: A Guide to Fall on Campus

Fall is by far the best season to be on campus, especially in Vermont. The weather is perfect for doing things indoors AND outdoors! You aren’t so cold that you need to hide away in your room 24/7 and with this perfect weather, your friends will more than likely be down to go on some fall adventures. There are so many great things that you and your friends can do this season to bond and take full advantage of the leaf-peeping season!

Go apple picking

This semester my roommates and I decided to go apple picking so that we could bond a little. We put on some cute fall outfits and hopped in the car. Not only did we leave with a bunch of tasty apples, but also we got some cute family pictures together. The background was PERFECT and we climbed trees and goofed off. Great squad activity!

Cook something tasty

Now that you have these apples, cook something awesome! Even if you don’t have an oven, you can find someone who does or grab a crock pot and find some unique recipes. If all else fails, you could always grab a pumpkin spice latte and some local food from the farmer’s market. Warm, gooey food is good for the soul and perfect for the cool weather.


The weather is perfect for hiking. In the summer, hiking is still fun, but so sweaty. And who doesn’t love layers? Hiking in the fall is perfect because you get to see all of the beautiful foliage the entire way up.

Decorate your Dorm

Coming home to some nice decor at the end of your long, midterm-filled day is so nice. Decorating your dorm for the season just makes your house feel more like a home. It’s as easy as going to CVS and buying some stickers for your window, making some signs, or buying a couple of little pumpkins for the windowsill. And, if you’re like me, you have to grab some spooky Halloween decorations too. There’s always a door decoration contest, so go hard core to get that Dunks giftcard prize.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my favorite season, and also one of the biggest celebrations on campus. People go crazy on Halloweekend, hanging out with their friends and showing off their costumes. What better way to make a statement than to make your own, creative costume? Pinterest is your go-to here. Grab a few of your friends and and glue gun, think of your favorite movie or a silly pun, and get to it! You’ll win all the costume competitions.

Good Playlist

With all this travelling and baking and decorating, you’re going to need an awesome playlist for the background. The classics are the way to go. Line up a few relaxing songs to marvel in, like the entire discography of Fleetwood Mac or some coffeeshop tunes. Spotify has some great fall playlists and so does the SMCVT Her Campus page (they have killer taste in music).



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