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The two-night, overly dramatic, never seen before, not what you’d ever expect (thank you Chris Harrison) Bachelor finale has finally come to an end. Over the past two months, Bachelor nation has been keeping up to date with Peter’s love story, and I’ll say it, tonight was a little bit of a disappointment.

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Personally, I feel like people have given “Pilot Pete” a really hard time during his journey on reality TV, and throughout it all, I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. While I still support him and want him to find love, let me just outright say that he should not have proposed to Hannah Ann. He knew all along that his heart belonged to Madison. On the Monday night episode of the epic two-night finale, he made that very clear to Bachelor fans. However, when Tuesday at 8 p.m. rolled around, somehow it’s always been Hannah Ann? A little “sus” for me.


So… Peter proposes, they’re all giddy, the ring is beautiful, and then the music drastically changes from uplifting to suspenseful. The first interaction between Peter and Hannah Ann shown on TV was tense, emotional, and just minutes later, the engagement was called off. Despite being heart broken, Hannah Ann was very articulate and honest with her feelings, and I thought that was extremely brave. Did it make me sad to see Peter crying? Yes, for sure. But wasn’t it also empowering to hear Hannah Ann advocate for herself? 100%. You go girl!


Next, after watching Madison and Peter reunite on camera and on stage during the live show, my heart felt happy again. Let me just say: this was short lived due to Peter’s mom’s overflowing emotions and opinions. I understand that she wants what’s best for her son, and maybe she doesn’t see that right now with Madi, but she did not conduct herself with class and respect on live television. She attacked a 23 year old who was filled with her own set of emotions and nerves sitting in front of nearly 8 million viewers. Also, I did not appreciate her face in the bottom corner of my TV screen, continuously rolling her eyes. Like… goodbye!


All in all, I don’t regret watching the Bachelor because it’s entertaining television, but I do hope that Peter finds happiness and love. It can’t be easy AT ALL to go through a process like that. Imagine being in his shoes! 


My biggest takeaways? Love for all, and peace out Peter’s mom.


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