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8 Movies That Make Me Want to Stay in on a Friday Night

  1. John Tucker Must Die – Something about a group of high school girls planning the demise of a boy they’ve all dated at the exact same time just feels like something we all need on our bad days (and even the good ones). Although it is probably one of the most unlikely plots (and at age 16??), you can’t help but eat up the drama. Sometimes, you just need a movie to make you hate men and then also love them…right?

  2. Bring It On – I don’t know what it is about cheerleading movies from this time but they are exactly what I need when I crave drama, as if I don’t have enough of my own. But it’s the kind of drama that I in no way can relate to (but secretly wish I could). Can someone please tell me if I really missed out on the melodrama and tension of high school cheerleading? 

  3. No Strings Attached – I am always shocked when people tell me they haven’t seen this movie because it is SO freakin’ good. In fact, I definitely watched it for what was probably the tenth time last week instead of doing my homework. Natalie Portman taking Ashton Kutcher to her dad’s funeral as a first date? That’s good sh*t. It also defies the stereotype that women are always the ones who want relationships out of what was assumed to be platonic sex. Important lessons here, ladies. 

  4. Friends with Benefits – Similar to No Strings Attached BUT with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. For some reason, this movie is so relatable, especially for all women (and men!) who have felt feelings for someone they feel like they shouldn’t. But, I think it’s an important reminder that it’s okay, in fact more than okay, to like who you like. 

  5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall: If Jason Segel could get over Mila Kunis, you can get over your ex. Also, it supports you hopping on a plane to Hawaii when they break your heart. Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB_1t-Vn6Vs …. enough said. 

  6. 27 Dresses – This is such an empowering movie, inadvertently of course. You’ve heard the phrase, “always a bridesmaid and never a bride” and the idea of Katherine Heigl being a bridesmaid 27 times and then finally standing up for herself is such a kickass plotline. And the scene where she drunkenly sings Benny and the Jets on top of a bar? Iconic. For me, I identify with her incessant need to please people and this character progression is such a good reminder that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. 

  7. Clueless – Firstly, if you don’t have a crush on 1990s Paul Rudd, there has to be something a little off with you. Secondly, this is just such a feel good movie that mixes the morals of being a good friend and a good partner with comedy that could only be understood if you place yourself in a mindset of being born 20 years prior. Although I will literally never understand how Cher has a crush on her step-brother, I guess it makes sense. If not, it at least makes for a good plotline. 

  8. She’s the Man – Even though this movie has a way of making you cringe in almost every scene, it’s somehow a good cringe. Like an early 2000s cringe. And you can’t not love Amanda Bynes, especially if she’s pretending to be her brother at an all boys school just so she can play soccer. Gender stereotypes who??? Also, you can’t really turn down young Channing Tatum as a soccer star… 

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