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12 Reasons Why I Love My Crazy, Patriots-Loving Family

When I look back on all my memories with my family, a lot of them involve The Patriots. Whether it's watching them (even on their off season), talking about them (cause they’re awesome), buying merchandise from a simple hat or jersey to a Patriots carpet or toaster, or even throwing huge Super Bowl Parties (cause ya know the Patriots are in those a lot). The Patriots are a big part of my family and here is why I absolutely LOVE them for it.

  1. The Super Bowl is a family holiday

Not even a huge Nor'easter could stop my family from watching The Superbowl together. Two of my brothers are making over six hour treks and my Dad is even driving over four hours to Vermont to make sure I’m home for the big day.

2. The Super Bowl is also unofficially my birthday

My birthday is February 5th and that sometimes falls on The Super Bowl, but regardless every year my birthday is celebrated on the Super Bowl. I’m not complaining because I’m always around close friends and family, and I usually get a pretty awesome gift (and by that I mean a win).

3. It brings us all together

When we’re not physically together, we are all still texting in our big family group chat and even FaceTiming after the game so we can all scream together

4. It’s heartbreaking when they lose, but oh so sweet when they win

When they lose, my house is the last place you want to be, but when they win I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m pretty sure you could hear our screaming and excitement from miles away.


Ugh the food...The Super Bowl or not, we feast like kings whenever the Patriots are playing. Buffalo and bean dip, chicken wings, burgers, chocolate and yes of course we get the mile long deli sub platter!

6. We are superstitious as hell

I cannot even begin to describe how superstitious we are. We all have to wear certain apparel, some that really should be seeing the last of it’s days, we always watch the divisional playoff game at my Auntie Julie’s house, and every time The Patriots aren’t doing so great my sister and I have to go watch the game in our parents room...but hey, it works!

  1. When in doubt we always ask ourselves, “What would Brady do?”

I’d be lying if I didn’t say Tom Brady got me through multiple workouts and cross country races

7. We know how to “educate” the haters

I love seeing the looks on haters faces when I come out loaded with facts, none of which I would know without my family, and leave their arguments in the dust. They just hate us cause they ain’t us

8. We bring out the Patriot in everybody

My sister-in-law, who didn't care at all about football before she met my brother now has her own Gronk Jersey and gets in arguments defending The Patriots. A German exchange student of ours knew nothing about football and now he’s a huge fan, watches every game live, and even started playing American Football in Germany.

9. We never lose faith

The Patriots never win easily, and we know that. We would’ve bet our lives that they were going to win last years Super Bowl, even when the score was 28-3 in the 3rd quarter

10. We Are All Patriots

For every loss, for every hater, for every false accusation, for every point deficit we are there, but those all make for an even sweeter win. We are a part of a dynasty, we are living in a historic time for football. There will never be a team quite like this for a while and I feel more than blessed to be a Patriot.

11. Tom Brady


Win or Lose I love my crazy, Patriots-loving family. Thanks for bringing me up as a Patriot and making me just as crazy about them as you guys are!

Love you Mom, Dad, Pat, Caitlyn, Timmy, Ryan, Allie, Erik and Emma!


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