10 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day



1. Have Fun!

One of the most important ingredients of them all! Have fun, Galentines is no time for moping or calling it another corporate holiday. You only have so many opportunities to celebrate with the girls so live it up!

2.Ball Out!

Galentine's only happens one day a year so when this blessed holiday comes around make sure to treat yo self. Personally, my friends and I will be enjoying a glass or two and then treating ourselves to a lavish dinner at none other than Friendly’s.

3.Gals Only!

Sorrrrry boys Galentine's is for the girls!

4.Dress Fo Yo SELF!

Galentine's is a time for dressing for nobody else but yourself, you’re your biggest supporter, but also biggest critic. On Galentine's wear something that will make even your own jaw drop when you look in the mirror.

5.Don’t worry, be happy!

Now don’t you dare worry about some stupid boy/girl who left you on open or acts like you don’t even exist. The only thing you should be worrying about is how is any one boy/girl gonna ever even compare to your boss ass girl gang.  

6.Make your own cards! Buy your own flowers!


If you want a card, buy a card. If you want some flowers, buy some flowers. If you want a burger, eat a burger. When did loving yourself become a crime?

7.Netflix and chill(ed wine with the girls)

  • You don’t have to go out to have fun af Galentine's, cracking open a bottle or two, sending a huge cumbies haul, and watching netflix with the girls can be just as fun as going out.



If you didn’t already know what year it is, its 2019, the year of respect and self love. The only person you need to find happiness is yourself, you have the power to make your own joy, and don’t ever forget it.

9.Speak Yo Mind

Better out than in as my boi Shrek likes to say. Even though Galentine's is for the girls, if there does happen to be a special someone out there, Galentine's might be the perfect opportunity to find the self love and courage you need to say how you really feel.


Galentine's by definition is a day for "ladies celebrating ladies.", and ladies are pretty freaking great so no matter what your plans are for Galentine's day make sure to raise a glass for all the bad ass women put there!