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Why I Think Spring is the Supreme Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

Springtime is finally here. The spring season is easily understood as the most underrated season. Many see the beginning of this season as a checkpoint to count down the weeks until school is out and summer begins. While losing an hour of sleep during daylight savings and the allergies that everyone in your classes seems to have are not particularly enjoyable, many do not recognize or take advantage of the beautiful and advantageous features that springtime offers. 

As I am writing, it is 68 degrees outside and the sun is shining. Seeing the newly-bloomed flowers and green buds on the trees is breathtaking after the long, cold and barren winter days. Now, the air that hits my skin is warm, refreshing and not a paralyzing frozen blast. The winter season has joyful occasions and holiday cheer, but the weather feels dreadful after December. The weather that occurs in spring is not too hot or too cold, but just right. One can walk outside without sweating or needing to bundle up. Unlike the blistering and sometimes unbearable summers, there is a significant lack of bugs. 

Another benefit the season brings is more light to days, and you do not feel tired and ready for bed at 5 p.m. Before college, I did not realize how valuable sunshine was to my mind, functionality and mental health. The weather is a great time to sit outside, listen to the birds sing, breathe in the air and let the sunshine hit your face. 

One of my favorite things about spring is the opportunity for a new beginning. This season symbolizes rebirth and new growth, which is also conveyed in the myth of Hades and Persephone. When spring comes around, many will engage in a “spring cleaning” to welcome the new season and allow for a fresh start. Some of my favorite spring cleaning duties are going through my clothes and seeing what to donate or sell and scrubbing my floors. When my physical space is clean, my mind is clear and it truly feels like I can do anything. Springtime allows me to reflect on what may have been holding me back during winter and what I want to introduce into my life. As of right now, I am currently working to integrate healthy habits into my daily routine. Personally, this means moving my body more, decreasing the time I spend on my phone and staying on top of my schoolwork. Doing so, I know I will be able to successfully end the school year strong and make the last few weeks of schoolwork and classes the least stressful as I can. 

Summer, winter and fall are beautiful seasons that bring delight and all kinds of excitement and are the favorites of many. I have yet to meet a great deal of people who tend to favor spring, but I hope to influence others to truly appreciate and take full advantage of this underrated season.

Hi! My name is Lucy Emory and I'm from Kansas City, MO! I love to sing, dance, read Harry Potter and learn random history facts. I am also a self-proclaimed Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey enthusiast. I'm so happy to be writing for such a welcoming and empowering community!