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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

If there is anything that comes to mind when thinking of something to get your significant other to show love and affection, people always think of flowers. I, for one, love receiving flowers, because they are beautiful and I love putting them on my desk at home. They give my room a vibrant and earthy feel while living in a dorm in the middle of a large urban area. I look at them and am reminded of how beautiful nature is. Furthermore, they remind me how beautifully small pieces of nature communicate emotions of appreciation, affection and love in the most elegant manner. 

You gaze through the grocery store flower section to be overwhelmed by the sea of colorful petals bunched and tied together in pieces of plastic and string known as bouquets. Struggling to pick out a bouquet for the person you love, overwhelmed by the never-ending combinations of florals, you want something you know they will love. From daisies, chrysanthemums and orchids to lilies, carnations and lavender, your eye catches attention to the bunch of voluptuous red blossoms: the classic roses. Roses, the flower that has become the iconic symbol of romance, beauty and love. You pick them up and analyze them, thinking it’s a safe bet and not wanting to take the time to figure out a different flower combination. It seems too complicated. They’re just flowers, right? Everyone loves roses, so what could go wrong? You walk out with these roses, their fiery red blooms are so pleasurable to the eyes that you do not notice their thorns tearing the plastic. 

Unoriginal. Overused. The person does not know me. That is what I think when I see roses. What once started out as a flower to say “I love you” has turned into a flower that says, “I don’t know you.” Sure, if you know your partner loves roses, get them roses! Just because roses are popular does not diminish their beauty or sentimental value. Personally, however, I find roses to be cliche because they are so common and expected. What I think of when I receive roses is a person that buys them for their significant other because it is what they’ve seen the apologetic boyfriend in cheesy romantic movies do. However, someone could buy them just because they’re beautiful and the red color is gorgeous. But what they fail to remember is that their partner hates the color red. 

Just like there are countless varieties of flowers, there is a great deal of variety among humans. Each of our petals unfolds into the pieces of our unique personalities and differences. Just like how flowers are admired for their individual beauty, people want to be recognized for the qualities unique to themselves. Although they appear like an easy gift, the flowers you give have a powerful way of expressing your feelings and intentions. The thought and care put into selecting the flowers can communicate your attention to detail and consideration for the person. So, when choosing a bouquet to buy for your partner, get them one that truly represents them.

My name is Claire Kleffner, I am a freshman at Saint Louis University studying psychology on pre-law track with a minor in Spanish. I have no experience writing for any media/news source so I am anxious to start! I love talking about pop culture topics and any news going on that surrounds me, as well as writing, so combining those two things to write articles for HerCampus is something I'm very excited about. I love shopping, food, music, working out, and being around the people I love!