Why Are We Still Not Believing Women?

The past two weeks have been filled with high emotions and stress over Brett Kavanaugh and the accusations of sexual assault from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. I’ve found myself, as I’m sure many have also done, scrolling aimlessly through social media trying to find out more about the hearings. Heartbreakingly, I read of people disregarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony and labeling her as “unreliable.”

The long history of mistrusting and demonizing women has to come to a halt. Time and time again, women are finally feeling comfortable enough to step forward and share their truth. Yet, time and time again we choose not to fully listen to their stories. We take a woman’s story as less valuable than what a man says.

We watched as Dr. Ford bared her soul to the entire country. Before her, we had Anita Hill. How many more women have to go through this? How do we not believe someone who went through such a traumatic experience? How do we not believe someone with so much poise and intelligence? How can we continuously not believe women?

Women who are survivors of sexual assault and future survivors are being told by the highest ranking officials in our country that their truth doesn’t matter. This is and always has been unacceptable. I am here to say that you and your experiences matter and are valid. You will always find someone to believe you.

Thank you to Dr. Ford for all that you have done.