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Where You Should Go for Spring Break Next Year

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

As Spring Break season comes to an end for us college students, all our fun still lives in the memories we daydream about in class. That piña colada that glistened in the tropical sun. The warm air that made you feel alive again. The time you spend with your friends without having to worry about assignments and exams. Those dreams continue into wondering what to do next year. As a senior in college who has had her last Spring Break, I now consider myself an expert on the topic.

I have found that wherever you go during Spring Break, it is bound to be crowded, so pick where to go based on your personality. Florida is the obvious choice for most people. It is decently priced to stay a few nights, the beach is free and there are loads of people to interact with. However, places like Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic have become more popular this year for people seeking a more relaxing Spring Break with different cultural experiences. If you and your friends have tired out of Spring Break trips to Florida, I recommend checking out one of these places!

If you do not want to break the bank, my friends and I have found that hometown dates are just as fun to do during breaks. We stole the term “hometown date” from the Bachelor episodes where they go and see where each remaining contestant grew up. This allows you to get to know your friends better and also have a free place to stay. You can discover cities that you may have never thought about visiting and depending on the city, as well as what activities you plan, your Spring Break can still be hype or it can be relaxing.

Cruises are another big hit this year far for Spring Break trips. This is a great option especially for your senior year Spring Break if you want to splurge on a nice trip with your friends. You can make the trip as cheap or expensive as you want and you get to see several new places at once! Bonus: buffets are always fun!

My friends and I went to Disney for our senior trip, but we went during the end of our Winter Break rather than Spring Break. I highly recommend traveling during this time of year because the lines were the shortest I have ever seen and the weather was nice. I think Disney could make for a fun Spring Break trip, but I recommend looking at other times to go because of the large crowd that Spring Break can attract.

There are so many different places to travel over Spring Break and I have provided options for every budget out there. I think it is important to remind yourself that you only get so many Spring Breaks in your lifetime so make the most out of it. Enjoy getting to spend time with your friends and relax after midterms! It is never too early to plan your next Spring Break trip!

Senior at Saint Louis University. Loves seeing positivity and sunshine.