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Upgrade Your Starbucks Order

The Order:

  • Iced white chocolate mocha, no whip

  • Add vanilla sweet cream cold foam with strawberry purée in the foam 

I must begin by saying that I only get this drink when I have a reward to use because a venti retails at $8.95. This drink has become my favorite, which is an issue for my wallet. I think this drink tastes like chocolate covered strawberries, but don’t just take my word for it. 

strawberry mocha
Original photo by Makayla Franklin

If you’re not a fan of white chocolate, but want a drink that tastes like chocolate covered strawberries, order the drink as an iced mocha with the same modifications.

venti strawberry mocha
Original photo by Makayla Franklin


The Order: 

  • Select an Iced Shaken Espresso 

  • Choose the size (this is based on a grande size)

  • Change espresso shots to blonde espresso 

  • In the flavors category add four pumps of brown sugar syrup (make sure there is not classic syrup)

  • In the toppings section add cinnamon powder 

  • For milk select a splash of Oatmilk

I finally tried the new iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso. Honestly, I made a mobile order for this drink because the name was so long and I didn’t want to say it. This drink is made with blonde espresso, which I think is smoother than regular espresso. It has tasteful hints of brown sugar and cinnamon, and oat milk. This drink is $5.95 for a grande, but ordering it as above is cheaper.

brown sugar shaken espresso
Original photo by Makayla Franklin


The Order: 

  • Iced green tea latte 

  • Select size (pumps below are what is recommended for a grande)

  • Oatmilk

  • Two pumps vanilla syrup, two pumps peppermint syrup

  • Salted cold foam on top

If you aren’t addicted to coffee like I am, congratulations. I don’t quite understand you, but I think I found a drink to fit your needs. This is a green tea latte, with a creamier texture and flavorful syrups. This is also a dupe for Urth Cafe’s popular (believe it or not, even more expensive) green drink.

green tea latte
Original photo by Makayla Franklin


Junior student at SLU just trying to give her mom something to put on the fridge.
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