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I know that stress levels around this time can be THROUGH the roof, so I thought that I would share a playlist that is not only perfect for studying, but can be used to chill out those midterm jitters! This playlist is full of soft beats and chill indie that will not be distracting, but will also keep you awake. Enjoy 90 minutes of study jams!

My Spotify playlist is called “Stressed? Nah, Imma Crush This Test.” Here is the link to listen and enjoy! 

The included songs go in this order:

  1. “Cool Blue” by The Japanese House
  2. “Kingston” by Faye Webster
  3. “Softly” by Clairo
  4. “Mango” by Peach Tree Rascals
  5. “Saturn” by RIZ LA VIE
  6. “Was it Something I Said” by MyKey
  7. “Things Won’t Go my Way” by Peach tree Rascals
  8. “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County
  9. “Miss Summer” by ODIE
  10. “Notice me” By Quinn XCII
  11. “Single (on the weekend)” by marcos g
  12. “Vampire” by Dominic Fike
  13. “Why” by Dominic FIke
  14. “Manta Rays” by chloe moriondo
  15. “Açaí Bowl” by Dominic Fike
  16. “ Cowboy in LA” by LANY
  17. “Sink or Swim (feat. Daysi)” by Blood Line, Daysi
  18. “Faded from Color” by Saricöy
  19. “Wait” by Smalltalk
  20. “Honey Do” by Rococo Disco
  21. “Coffee” by Quinn XCII, Marc E. Bassy
  22. “We don’t Talk Enough” by Quinn XCII, Alexander 23
  23. “Jane” by LAUNDRY DAY
  24. “Purple Candy” by New Friends
  25. “October Eyes” by Alt Bloom
  26. “Butterflies” by Fiji Blue
  27. “It’s Alright” by Motel 7

Go and kill midterms or any tests you have, for that matter. You are smart, capable and studied hard. Trust yourself and what you studied!

Kateryna Gehlhaar is a junior nursing student at St Louis University. She enjoys exploring new places, reading romance novels, and having dance parties with her friends. one of her greatest passions is taking photos in her free time! She is so excited to be a part of the Her Campus chapter this year and to share some of her own stories and adventures.
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