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Tweets That Made Me Forcefully Exhale Through My Nose

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

I’ve always wanted to steal Buzzfeed’s idea of going through the tweets I personally find funnny and making an article about them. Today I did just that, making this a very biased article about tweets that I laughed out loud at, exhaled through my nose, or bookmarked for later enjoyment. I apologize in advance for my sense of humor, it is on a steady decline. Welcome to my funny tweet round up from September-October 2019: 

~vibe~ content

Beans After Dark (@goodbeanalt)


more ~vibe~ content


Scary Terry F (@daemonic3)



woodpecker ? (@PeachyKneeSocks) 


dark….yet same

 queen quen (@quenblackwell) 


this is too real, someone please donate so I can get a new tail light 

alexa (@playnikes) 


Wendy’s fo fo fo has saved me many times

??? ??? (@cake_hoarder) 


we need more pillars!

randy corn (@leakypod) 


correction *great great great great great great grandpa

mag (@bigbabymag) 


it really be like that sometimes

ratboy (@jnudey) 


my mind 

? j (@cowboyenergy)


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