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Taylor Swift folklore
Taylor Swift folklore

“This Is Me”: a Poem

Inspired by “This is me trying” by Taylor Swift

Can’t you see? 

This is me.

This is me coping.

This is me covering myself 

in lyrics and literature.

Covering myself

in somebody else’s polished words,

so no one asks me for my own. 

This is me breathing. 

This is my warming myself 

with scented candles and sweet pillows.

Trying to soften what’s broken, 

so no one gets cut on my (jagged) edges.

Can’t you see? 

This is me. 

This is me happy. 

I think this is what I used to feel like 

when I knew what that word meant.

This is me.

This is me painting my cheeks

so they shine

and lying my hair piece by piece 

in line 

so that I look the way 

you’ve imagined me. 

This is me. 

Can’t you see? 

This is me trying. 

One tall Kansas goof with a lot of words to share.
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