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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

They’re not hard to break into. 

You have mazes outside your walls before I can even reach them,

but I slide through them like straight lines. 

Your walls are built so strong, so tall, so thick,

but I get out my grappling hook and climb them. 

You’re equipped with traps on the inside,

your self-sabotaging behaviors and your fears manifest themselves

as snake pits, quicksand, and arrows. 

You have moats of lava inside waiting for me,

waiting to see if I can handle the heat

but I don’t blister. 

Your army of trauma responses and anxiety rushes towards me

as I gently lay them aside. 

You’re wrapping your heart in titanium armor now,

so I hold you tight.  

Don’t hide any more. 

I will be gentle with your soul. 

Crown me as yours.

I can fill the lonely throne beside you.

Let me in.

Striving to live life passionately, bravely and empowered. Grow with me. Heal with me. Learn with me.