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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” was undoubtedly a huge undertaking in its earliest stages. Having released four new albums and two re-recorded albums since her last tour in 2018, Swift had a plethora of new material to work with in addition to her earlier albums. In true Swiftian fashion, “The Eras Tour” fearlessly accepts the challenge of living up to these expectations and even surpasses them. I attended the tour’s first stop on Mar. 17 in Glendale, Arizona.

The show’s opening features a montage of audio clips from each era’s songs as dancers wave flowy, butterfly wing-like flags. Taylor emerges from the center of the stage, eliciting cheers from every corner of the stadium. What follows is over three hours of high energy, artful choreography, detailed visuals and lots of nostalgia. 

One thing that stands out as particularly impressive about “The Eras Tour” is Swift’s attention to detail and commitment to paying homage to her past self. During “Fearless,” she spins around with her guitar just like she did during her first tour. The glamorous ballgown she wears during “Enchanted” is incredibly similar to one from the “Speak Now World Tour.” Her “Look What You Made Me Do” visuals mimic the song’s music video, complete with a giant, glowing teal “T.” Swift manages to strike a perfect balance between throwbacks and new surprises. 

Aside from the show’s auditory and visual excellence, Swift’s stamina is commendable. The show is almost an hour longer than her previous tours, yet her energy and excitement never wane. Though some songs are played acoustically in her signature “just me and a guitar” style, she puts a captivating spin on the music and makes each audience member feel like they are the only one in the room. After hours of intense dancing and belting, Taylor closes the show with just as much enthusiasm as the opening. 

Even though the show already pushes the boundaries of length, Swift includes multiple speaking breaks in which she addresses the audience with a palpable sense of thankfulness. She references inside jokes she has with her fans while also sharing inspiration behind her decisions about what songs to play live. These speeches are just one way Swift makes a sold-out stadium show feel like an intimate gathering of friends. 

This tour encapsulates so much of what makes Swift so popular: sentimentality, dedication to her craft, appreciation for her fans and hard work. From the setlist to the instruments, every little detail is carefully executed, resulting in a show that old fans and new fans alike will love. Despite the catastrophe that was the tour’s ticket sale, “The Eras Tour” is fun, lively and an unforgettable experience. There’s only one person who could get Glendale, Arizona renamed to “Swift City” for the weekend, after all. 

I am so grateful I got to experience the opening night of “The Eras Tour.” I left the stadium in a trance of shock, excitement and awe. Taylor Swift’s investment in every part of her shows continues to inspire me and is one of the main reasons I will always be a fan of hers.  

Anna Baugher is a communication student with a focus in journalism and media studies at Saint Louis University. She is a big fan of hiking in the woods, listening to Taylor Swift, and having late night talks with friends. She loves writing and has thoroughly enjoyed creating a collection of Her Campus articles.