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Somewhat Serious Study Songs and Suggestions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

Another school day, another buttload of homework. I can’t be the only one with a ridiculous amount of assignments despite a ridiculously underwhelming schedule.

So if you’re like me, and you would rather snuggle up next to an anonymous Tinder man/woman/nonbinary individual and ~chill~ instead of grinding that grind…well. I feel that. But alas, adulthood is pain. So throw on your comfy socks and grab a mug of tea, because I have some songs and suggestions to make your workload slightly less hellish.


First and foremost, dance it out. Or elliptical. Or vinyasa yoga. Or swim. Pick your own poison. Whether it’s light stretches or an intense HIIT workout, the act of getting your heart pumping before doing homework increases your concentration sevenfold. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but still. I know that for me, personally, doing a quick Zumba class before studying neuroanatomy makes the memorization process slightly less of a pain.

As for the song, it’s just a plain mood. That is all.

2.      Harmony Hall // Vampire Weekend

It’s been two hours and you’ve reread the same page thrice. I get it. Sometimes, enough is enough. But sometimes, enough isn’t even close to being enough. This is where the cliché “tAkE a BrEaK” advice comes in. I’m not just giving you an excuse to check Twitter (but if you do, send memes). Stepping away and clearing your mind for a good ten minutes every hour can help you to be more productive!

This song is calming. But it also goes kinda really hard. Essentially, it is the perfect transition bop to play while switching from taking notes to enjoying your short-term mental freedom.

3.     Girl On Fire // Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj

Okay…I said a TEN MINUTE break not an HOUR one.

If you need some help getting back into Grind Mode, throw this bad boy on your speaker. Loud. Do you feel empowered yet? Good. Carry on.

4.     Coeur d’Alene // The Head and the Heart

Shout out to all my procrastination pals! Hell yeah! Get up. And freaking study. If it is 10 p.m. and you haven’t picked up a book yet, I may have to jump through the screen and give a motherly lecture to you about Getting Your Sh*t Together Early so you can Get Some Quality Sleep.

So please. Save me the time and increased blood pressure, and just play some THATH. They’re an easy yet folky vibe. Perfect study music. I am partial to the lesser know jams (see above), but all of their work is fantastic cramming music.

5.     Never Grow Up // Taylor Swift

Oh, you’re finally done? Good. Meltdown time.

The perfect song, especially for us out-of-state folks, is literally anything about sadness. Cry it out. It’s okay homies. Things it be like sometimes: that.