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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

Anyone who has seen my bathroom countertop will instantly notice that I keep a variety of perfumes and mists on deck, all the time. Even when I seem to be running low, I always have one “every day” scent and then one scent for outings. Body sprays are like the cherry on top of a shower or bath; they enhance the pre-existing cleanliness and serve as a nice refresher throughout the day/night. I get a lot of compliments on my scents, so I feel compelled to share my personal gems. 

The mists that I have on my counter right now are either fruity or flowery. I prefer these scents because my everyday clothes usually have a fresh-linen smell anyway. Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works normally retail their mists for around $17 to  $18, but if you look out for sales and/or coupons, you can snag these and more for between $5 to $6. 


  1. Victoria’s Secret – Pure Seduction (fruity)

  2. Victoria’s Secret – Love Spell (fruity)

  3. Victoria’s Secret – Electric Beach (fruity fresh)

  4. Bath and Body Works – Rose (flowery fresh)

  5. Bath and Body Works – Warm Vanilla Sugar (smells just like the name)


Perfumes are a little more difficult to decide on because they typically cost more, and you want to make sure that the scent that you spray on the itty-bitty sample paper at the small is the same distinct scent that translates to your clothes. The cost can range from $20 (travel size) to  $100+ (full size). I rotate through these on the weekends, for professional meetings and basically anything else that requires business or formal attire. 


  1. Chance by Chanel (amazing flowers)

  2. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell – Paradise (fruit, tropical plants)

  3. Yves Saint Laurent – Mon Paris (flowery, baby powder fresh)


Now the next time you run out of fragrances and are looking to try something different, refer to this list. You will not regret purchasing these classics.