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SLU’s Atlas Week: What You Need to Know

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

In the spring of 2001, Saint Louis University established the Atlas Program, aimed to acknowledge and appreciate the international aspects of the institute’s academic programs and its role in international education and service. The Atlas program encapsulates the Jesuit values that SLU strives to uphold,  which include educating the whole person and doing service committed to justice and love. Now, in the spring of every academic year, the Atlas Program celebrates Atlas Week to increase awareness and discuss global issues. This year, on April 8th through the 13th, the program’s members have organized a plethora of events that include speakers and experts, as well as a chance to learn about yourself and your part in the world. The events are aimed at all students to truly grasp what is going on in the world at large. SLU’s community is diverse, and it is important and exciting to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in it.

On the Atlas Program’s Instagram, there is a full list of what events will be taking place throughout the week. Beginning on April 8th, there are discussions about promoting difficult dialogue and how to communicate about such issues, highlights on Pakistan’s colonial history and how Black women are treated in the workplace as well as how one can promote peace. On Tuesday, April 9th, some of SLU’s faculty will present their research from their travels, there is yoga at the Simon Recreation Center and the Campus Kitchen will speak on food insecurity. April 10th has the most events planned for Atlas Week, including events on how to analyze war in literature, getting a taste of the Middle East, a talk of reproductive autonomy and an open mic night at Bill Grill. Thursday, April 11th provides German trivia, the importance of Palestinian spoken word and how SLU serves students on the margins. One of the main highlights of Atlas Week is the Parade of Nations along West Pine which will take place on April 12th. Also on Friday, there will be a clocktower market with food and handmade goods from around the globe, as well as art and music. And on the final day of Atlas Week, April 13th, there is a Billiken World Festival. This last event in the CGC will have cultural foods, games and performances.

These events listed are only a few of the events that the Atlas Program has organized. I urge you to follow their Instagram and attend what speaks to you or what you wish to learn more about. Everything that the program is promoting will effect a positive change in the world because you are actively choosing to uncover what you have not previously known. Alongside this, the SLU community is made up of people from many different cultures, beliefs and values. It is important and necessary to get a glimpse into the lives of others. Doing so will only make our school community, the St. Louis community and the world around us stronger and more united. 

Hi! My name is Lucy Emory and I'm from Kansas City, MO! I love to sing, dance, read Harry Potter and learn random history facts. I am also a self-proclaimed Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey enthusiast. I'm so happy to be writing for such a welcoming and empowering community!