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Non-Mainstream Bops That Are a Total Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

1. Less Than I Do// The Band CAMINO

It’s Thursday night. You’re upset because Lannex is closed, and Narwhal’s took your ID, and there’s a stranger’s vomit in your hair. But don’t worry– Coronado is still poppin’! This is the perfect song for such an occasion! Or rather, the perfect song for the morning after (when you wake up and realize you have professed your love to you hometown ex-boyfriend over an Insta DM).

2. Sometimes People Suck// Ashe

Just read the title, y’all.

3. The Future Freaks Me Out// Motion City Soundtrack

When I was 5, I wanted to be Batman. On my 10th birthday, I blew out the candles on my birthday cake as I wished to be a professional soccer player one day.  All through high school, I had planned on being a pediatric oncologist. Enter the first day of 13th grade. I was a neuroscience major. Then I was a social work major. Then I was a psychology major…and then I was a psychology and social work major (did I mention I’m only a first semester sophomore? Anyways). The future is SPOOKIE with an ~IE~ ladies. I can first-handedly attest that pondering the future is like being one of those characters in a movie that keeps going “Everything is Fine!” But then the overhead narrator pops up and goes, “But everything was not fine…”

4. Clarity// Andy Mineo

Ah, yes. This banger, my friends, is An Anthem For Those Who Don’t Have Their Sh*t Together.  Welcome to the club.

5. It’s Called: Freefall// Rainbow Kitten Surprise

For when it’s just one of those freaking days :-////////////

6. Sleepyhead// Passion Pit

I love road trips. Like, I love road trips. One of my favorite things in the whole wide earthly world is waking up at the butt-f*ck of dawn to watch the sunrise whilst drinking coffee in the backseat of a car with 3 of my closest homies. So in between your GPS arguments and fights about the temperature, I recommend throwing this bad boy on your queue.

7. maybe, i’m afraid// lovelytheband

All aboard the struggle bus friends. Doubts? Insecurities? Yup, you’re welcome here.

8. You in January// The Wonder Years

Don’t get me wrong—I am a powerful, independent, girl-powered chica. But I still have the desire to be serenaded and swooned and pursued. I can’t wait to fall in love. The only issue is my exceptionally subpar taste in men, but that’s another story. This is a gr8 song for all my lovestruck women out there. God-freaking-speed ladies. GO get your mans!

9. This Is My Year// Rawn Erickson II, Emmi Butler, and The Shaytards

WOOHOOOOO HAPPY FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL!!! This is one of my favorite running songs. Although I rarely run. But anyways. If you need a little inspir8n I highly recommend turning this on first thing in the morning for a good rise and grind.

10.  Comeback Kid// New Politics

In the spirit of good morning songs, I present to you, ~this~.  Whether you believe it or not, you can do all the things. All. Of. Them.

11.  I Turn My Camera On// Spoon

There’s this playlist on Spotify that I frequent called “Walk Like A Badass.” The only complaint I have with it is that THIS SONG WAS NOT INVITED!! Coming from the super cool kid who never really got invited to the garage party (it’s FINE guys), it SUCKS to be left out of something that was, quite honestly, ~made for you~. So here’s to you, Spoon. I got you.

12.  Sunroof// courtship.

It’s not summer anymore. But this song is still HOT. I don’t care if it’s raining. Pop that sunroof open y’all. Get your groovy on.

13.  where do you go// flor

I admit. I am the friend that flakes on plans sometimes. Thankfully, my pals are totally understanding of my unpredictable sad spells and antisocial moods. But to those of you who have friends that don’t quite ~get it~, maybe you can discreetly send them this. Accidently. On purpose. Many times.

14.  Winebago// Gryffin, Quinn XCII, and Daniel Wilson

I hereby dedicate this song to the lucky individual who gets the aux at the rugby house at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday. I see you! Rock on!

15.  Skiz Again// Skizzy Mars

I cannot stress this enough. KumbayaAAAAA my Lord.

16.  Sing Me Spanish Techno// The New Pornographers

Any Kansas friends out there? Maybe? Okay cool. This song basically screams rock HECKIN’ chalk. (Shameless plug for my fellow Jayhawk fans—I love you.)

17.  Sour Patch Kids// Bryce Vine

Fun fact about me as a human being: I can rap. And by rap, I mean successfully spew out all the tough parts of Childish Gambino’s IV. Sweatpants (it counts). But despite my inevitably successful future as a SoundCloud rap god, I play it safe by knowing other genres of music. This specific song falls under my “super-cali-swagilicious-sexy-hella-dopeness” category.

18.  Mustard Gas// The Dear Hunter

So, like, technically this song should be listened to as song seven in the Act III: Life and Death album in order to fully appreciate it. But for our purposes, I have chosen this one specific song because it makes me want to pick up a javelin and FSU. Do you want to FSU? Yes? Listen to this song. Moving on.

19.  You Got Spirit, Kid// Coheed and Cambria

Words are hard. Especially when you want to promote a super cool song that can be listened to in many moods. So I’ll let you guys have this one to yourselves.

20.  Hush Hush// The Band CAMINO

I realize that I have already shared a Band CAMINO song. But guess what. I do not care. I LOVE THEM. OKAY? (S/O to a specific Florida gator who introduced me to the creative genius that is The Band CAMINO. You’re famous now. You’re welcome.)

21. Rise Up// Andra Day

This is a somewhat known song, but I want to throw it in here for a lil empowerment, ya feel?