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The Most Important Things to Remember in a College Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be a lot of work. They involve commitment, time, and energy. If you and your significant other decide to commit to one another, keep these things in mind.

Try to set a certain time aside to video chat each other.

Whether it be FaceTime or Skype, or any of the like, face-to-face chat is always an important way to catch up on things with your significant other. Agreeing on a specific time on a certain day, or days, for a reasonable amount of time is a great idea. Especially if there is a long time you get to see each other in person, video chat is a way to make it feel as though you never spent any time apart at all!

Take time for yourself once in a while.

Self-care is important, and taking time to turn off your phone for the day and unwind with a book or bubble bath shouldn’t make you feel guilty about not talking to your significant other! Even if it’s just binging a show you want to finish without interruptions, it’s okay to not answer your phone for a bit. Your S.O. will understand.

School should be a priority.

As a collegiette, remember that you are going to school for a degree, which should always be a top priority. Be sure that homework, papers, and studying all come before that Facetime call you both fall asleep on. Your S.O. should want what’s best for you, which includes putting school above everything else.

Still have fun!

Lastly, just because you and your significant other aren’t together doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of fun! Whatever you like to do, whether it be frat house hopping, going out to dinner, or seeing a movie, take some time to do the things you like to do with your friends. Don’t let the absence of your S.O. keep you from enjoying yourself.

A long distance relationships takes some effort to work out, but in the long run, it can make you more connected as a pair


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