Meat Replacements I’ve Tried That Are Better Than the Real Deal

I’ve been cutting back on meat for a little over a year now. Now I am not a complete veggie, I give in to the occasional burger and chicken now and again, but finding tasty alternatives has made the journey easier. I’ve come to like some of these meatless alternatives more than the actual meat product! All are reasonably priced and have a lower carbon footprint than buying the meat version... yay, greener living!


MorningStar Farms Buffalo Wings

I would eat these every day if I could! they are SOO very good and with ranch…yum. They are spicy, they are crispy, they are my go-to drunk food.​


Trader Joe’s Italian Sausage-less Sausages

Say that 3x fast! I put these in my pasta recipes all the time, they have great texture and I prefer them to actual meat sausages!


Portobello Mushrooms

Yes, this is just one general food item that almost every vegan and vegetarian uses, BUT I have used this recipe that makes eating a whole portobello like having a steak dinner at home! Add some steak sauce and it’s a whole new experience for eating mushrooms as a meat replacer.


365 Meatless Meatballs

These I have added to pasta as well, and I’m planning to make my own “meatball” sandwich soon! Real meatball's texture makes me squirm a bit so knowing these are plant-based makes me actually enjoy eating meatballs. 

Sunshine Burgers Garlic Herb

These are one of the best of the frozen meatless burgers I have tried, and it doesn’t have preservatives!