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Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter known for her ethereal, aesthetic and imaginative lyrics and graceful and tranquil voice. Her references to expensive cars, cigarettes and older men paint beautiful stories when listening to her music, but they are definitely unrealistic. However, as I was getting my daily Lana fix, I noticed that some of her lyrics can hit particularly close to home.

Here are six Lana Del Rey lyrics that the average, tasteful listener can resonate with.

“Mariners Apartment Complex”

“They mistook my kindness for weakness/I fucked up, I know that, but Jesus/Can’t a girl just do the best she can?”

I vividly remember the moment I first heard this lyric from “Mariners Apartment Complex.” The song instantly became my favorite of Del Rey’s discography because I felt that I understood her, and she understood me. She sings about the struggle of being a kind person who doesn’t want to involve themselves in any sort of conflict. This passiveness is seen as a weakness and it can be used against someone easily. Del Rey is trying all she can to do the right thing, but she is messing up in the eyes of others. This lyric echoes the minds of young individuals everywhere because we’re all figuring out how to go through life and what decisions to make.

“Cinnamon Girl”

“There’s things I wanna say to you, but I’ll just let you live/Like if you hold me without hurting me/You’ll be the first who ever did.”

Wanting to tell someone how you truly feel but not burden them with your emotions inflicts significant amounts of inner turmoil. Del Rey wants her lover to know that she has never been held without being hurt, something that many have experienced in past relationships, whether they are romantic or not. She is currently in an unhealthy relationship, and she wants her partner to care for her instead of hurting her, but she doesn’t know how to express this need or get out of the relationship.

“Happiness is a butterfly”

“Happiness is a butterfly/Try to catch it, like every night/It escapes from my hands into moonlight.”

The original metaphor is from American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne who said, “Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” Going out in search of some sort of fulfillment in one’s life or even just a small dose of happiness doesn’t always end up the way one hopes. It is more beneficial to reflect on what you are really looking for and what will make you truly happy instead of searching in the wrong places.

“Get Free”

“I never really noticed that I had to decide/To play someone’s game or live my own life.”

Del Rey reflects on how we, as individuals, must live for ourselves and not let outside forces sculpt our own lives. This lyric specifically resonates with me because I find myself always worried about the opinions of others, and I tend to follow the crowd. It’s difficult to get out of this habit, but Del Rey notes that we need to decide who’s path we will follow: someone else’s or our own.

“Money Power Glory”

“I want money, power and glory.”

This is pretty self-explanatory.


“I’ve got a war in my mind.”

This is arguably one of Del Rey’s most popular lyrics, especially since it was released in the height of her popularity. She encapsulates the struggle of a restless mind by giving it the metaphor of a war. The “war” could be deciding between good and bad, staying or leaving or trying to understand the complexities of life and emotions.

Lana Del Rey’s impact on trends and social media is not unknown to the public. Her aesthetic shaped the lives of young adults a decade ago, and her influence continues to this day. She has written a considerable number of creative and somewhat outlandish songs that transport listeners to another world, but she also has many that note the complex emotions of life and relationships. These are the songs that I truly love and connect with most, and I hope you find some kind of solace in them, too.

Hi! My name is Lucy Emory and I'm from Kansas City, MO! I love to sing, dance, read Harry Potter and learn random history facts. I'm so happy to be writing for such a welcoming and empowering community.
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