Family Feud with the Characters from The Office

Whenever we’re together, my boyfriend Zack and I are watching one of three things: Game of Thrones, The Office, or Family Feud. We decided to draft characters from The Office onto our own Family Feud teams. These are our teams and the reasons behind our choices:

Ashton’s Team:

1. Jim Halpert- He’s clever and is able to think on his toes; he was an obvious choice. It was between him and Pam, but I picked him because he's super cute and would make me look shorter than what I actually am (:

2. Oscar Martinez- He’s actually the smartest person in the office. He’s knowledgeable about a lot of topics and would be the most practical contestant.

3. Holly Flax- Sensible, honest, and unapologetically herself. She’s very level headed but also able to dig into the eccentric part of herself to answer those weird questions.

4. Stanley Hudson- He solves crossword puzzles every day; he would be able to think outside the box. Also, his sass would make for good T.V.

Team Summary: We're the more well-rounded and normal team. We're intelligent, yet personable, and would be able to think quickly enough to answer before the other team. I think that if I had Pam and Jim together though, we would dominate.

Zack’s Team:

Pam Beesly- Pam and Jim are easily the top two picks in the draft. Picking second made my decision easy: take whichever one Ashton didn’t.

Phyllis Lapin-Vance- One of the more normal characters in the office with life experience and relatability necessary to do well in Family Feud.

Ryan Howard (Pre-promotion)- Pre-promotion Ryan is bright eyed and fresh out of business school. He definitely would help the team. Post-promotion Ryan worked at a bowling alley and is a recovering drug addict; he definitely wouldn't help the team.

Darryl Philbin- He’s smart, intuitive, a real go-getter and, most importantly, would have great chemistry with Steve Harvey.

Team Summary: The most important asset in Family Feud is relatability, so I built my team of normal characters with common sense. I regret neglecting Stanley’s puzzle solving ability and letting him fall to Ashton in the last round, but other than that I’m happy with my team and believe I picked the winning team.

Which team do you think would do better? Who would you choose? Share and comment :)

Tune in next time where we pick who we want from Game of Thrones on our Family Feud team!