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A Culinary Tour of STL

One thing I have learned about St. Louis, and my bank account can attest to this, is where to find good food. And no, I’m not talking about Grand Dining Hall. The city of St. Louis is proud of its culinary scene and for good reason. I have rounded up a list of my favorite restaurants in hopes that you may be able to taste what they have to offer. 


1. The Shaved Duck 


The Shaved Duck is a barbecue restaurant and smokehouse with creative pairings. The pulled pork sandwich has never disappointed me, and the vegetable & smoked mozzarella sandwich is a great vegetarian option. I have just one question for you, if you don’t try the smothered fries, did you even go? 


2. Anthonio’s Taverna 


I sure am glad that my parents took me here when they were visiting, because this isn’t the most student-budget-friendly restaurant. I got the chicken parmesan, and it was worth the $17, I’m just glad my parents made it their treat. Next time I go I have to try the toasted ravioli! 


3. The Fountain on Locust


When I tell you the ice cream was heavenly, I mean I saw the pearly gates. It was a tough decision to make, but I chose the “Nutty Americano”, an espresso bean ice cream with hot fudge and pecans. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that feels the need for espresso late at night like me. My dad tried the “The Fountain Cuban”, so of course I had to steal a bite for a proper review. With seasoned pulled pork, dijon mustard, swiss cheese and dill pickle it was everything I hoped it would be. 


4. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard 


I don’t think any SLU student would even consider reading this list unless this beloved frozen custard place made the list. I can recommend the “Muddy Mississippi” and the “Caramel Apple Sundae,” but you really can’t go wrong here. 


5. Drunken Fish 


A longtime staple of the Central West End, this modern Japanese restaurant is one of the best places to get sushi in St. Louis. I tried the red dragon roll and the sesame tuna steak, and I was hooked. 


These restaurants offer more than just tasty dishes. Food is an important part of culture. As someone who grew up eating mostly the same dishes, trying traditional foods from other cultures opened the door for me to understand how other cultures enjoyed food. 

Junior student at SLU just trying to give her mom something to put on the fridge.
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