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Check Out These Winter 2021 Fashion Trends

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Puffer jackets, leggings and other cozy pieces are proof you do not have to sacrifice warmth in the name of fashion. This winter is not overly complicated or fussy. In fact, in an age where we are focusing on environmentally friendly options, this winter is all about adaptability. We re-wear our fall and summer clothes, layering to keep warm. Although this season has vintage comebacks, eye-catching prints and lots of color, buying staples might be all you need to pull together the bold trends this winter.

Print has been in since the summer of 2020 and it is still making headways in fashion. Instead of patterned crop tops, patterned jackets and coats are the new go-to. In fact, having a few patterned jackets might make it easier to dress in simple basics underneath, letting the jacket do the speaking for the outfit.

Leggings have been a staple year-round, but this winter we are seeing variations of the basic piece. High waisted flared leggings are up and coming, bringing back the vintage flare of the ‘70s. Faux leather leggings were up and coming over the summer and they are still trending in the winter. The material of faux leather elevates the leggings and makes them look like slim fitting pants. It can be dressed up with a black blazer and lace cami underneath, or dressed down with a simple oversized sweater.

Ruching is also a style you should look for in your winter closet. Ruching was a hallmark trend of the ‘80s and went well with the puffy sleeves and lace lining of sleeves and necklines. Ruching gives every outfit a little feminine twist and seems to go perfectly with the Christmas theme coming up. Fabric gathered around the chest, hips or shoulders always looks classy and elevates any outfit. In fact, ruching is popular in skirts as well. Gathering the material around your thighs or hips gives the outfit a simple and sexy look that any basic top looks perfect with.

Puffer jackets are the ultimate trend this winter that ensures utmost coziness. Puffer coats with minimal buttons and zippers is what designers want and what you should have in your closet. In fact, a puffy trench coat with a tie around the middle to emphasize the waist is the classiest puffer coat on the market. Puffer jackets that end at the hips are in stock as well and go with any piece of clothing. New materials like corduroy and faux leather puffer jackets are in stock for the winter as well, with the amount of warmth and fashion they give.

Maximalist sweaters always make their way back for the Christmas season, and this year is no different. These types of sweaters are inspired by ski apparel and feel like a warm hug—especially on a chilly winter morning. Maximalist sweaters are all about geometry. Look for sweaters with lots of designs and prints all over. Often, the same design will be repeated multiple times to give it the illusion that there are a lot of designs happening at once.

Finally, a few bold-colored pants might be the last thing in your shopping cart on Black Friday. Wearing bright reds, greens and blues in straight leg pants works well with any light-colored top and brings the sunny touches of summer into the cold of winter. If you are feeling bold, matching a bright pair of pants with a bold top is a guaranteed  payoff.

Winter trends this year are a direct line from similar trends we saw in the summer and fall. The ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s have made a comeback in fashion. Bright colors, geometric patterns, bold sleeves and ruching are all aspects to look for when choosing your winter closet. If you have many basics and neutral-colored pieces, try buying a few bright colored jackets, blazers and button-ups. Throwing a fun overcoat over neutral colors boosts the outfit by giving it a design. If buying new clothes is not for you this winter, try buying second-hand! Thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army always have colorful blazers and jackets that will cost you half the price of a new one.

Finally, the trends this season are all about a pop of color. But that does not just mean in clothes. It transcends into vibrant conversations, zesty parties and a spirited routine. The clothes are only half the story. So, in addition to pushing the boundaries of your closet this winter, let that energy transform your daily life as well.

My name is Kavya and I am in the class of 2024! I love reading fantasy and mystery thriller novels. I am interested in healthcare and modern fashion. And I love creative writing!
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